Why Branding is Important for DJs and Producers?

DJs and Producers

As musician or a producer, would you rather be a faceless and nameless talent amidst the sea of musical talents sprouting here and there? Or would you want to be recognized for your musical style, your name and your look?

Considering your own brand

You may have begun making music and tracks just out of sheer hobby and passion, but as soon as you get it out, you should already be thinking beyond. You should be considering your own brand. Every person in the EDM industry is making their own brand: whether you’re a producer or a DJ; runs a label or simply makes music on the side, your brand will speak volumes of what you have to offer to the fans. Here are more reasons why a DJ or producer shouldn’t miss working on his own brand.

The brand establishes an emotional connection to the listeners.

This connection cements why a listener listens to your music in the first place; because he feels what you feel through the elements that you put into your own tracks. When a listener sees, thinks or reads about you, he will automatically think “oh, here’s a DJ with great and evocative grooves so perfect for the dance floor,” or “this DJ makes great summery and chill tracks!” A successful brand prompts that automatic reaction from your fans and listeners.

Branding directs you to the appropriate actions regarding your musical career.

You have to act out your brand across all platforms so that the fans and listeners will see you as a professional; someone who’s truly serious and honest to his craft. With this in mind, you would be more careful about what you post on social media, what you say to your fans and even with the musical elements that you are tinkering with. If you want to come across as someone who specializes with tropical house, would you put deep house elements into your tracks? Probably not.

Branding allows you to connect to your target listeners effectively.

Don’t forget that the world has listeners with different musical tastes. While you may not be appealing to those who prefer classical music, EDM fans are more likely to take notice of you. What your branding would do is to cut through the diversity and zero in on a niche that would find your music tasteful and entertaining. Like previously stated, without a brand you will be without direction. And you need this direction to reach to your intended audience.

Fortunately for many producers and DJs today, establishing and maintaining a brand is easier than before. Social media and the other internet platforms now allow you to start a brand with just a few clicks. But the trick is how to get your brand and all its elements to work consistently and harmoniously. This is where real work comes in. As a DJ, producer or musician, it is important that your brand online and offline should be as seamless and as close as possible. Before you make a new move or decision, consider how this will affect your brand.

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