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After his full-length feature I Want Your Love and the premiere of his James-Franco-collaboration Interior. Leather Bar. at the Berlinale  in February filmmaker Travis Mathews is back with a new episode of his In Their Room series. The documetary project, which portrays gay men and their sex live and dating habits in their bedrooms, started in 2009 as a short film series for BUTT magazine with protagonists from San Francisco, followed by a full-length Berlin episode in 2010. For the third part Mathews has travelled to London and the result looks nice and a little bit more diverse than the previous episodes. The film, which was successfully funded on Kickstarter in spring 2012, will be previewed this week at the International Film Festival Prague and premiere next month at the Fringe! Film Fest in London (April 11-14). Fore more information about Travis’ work and the ITR series please check out our interview with the filmmaker from 2011.

The tickets for the 63. Berlinale are now on sale. We’ve taken a closer look on this year’s program and put together a list of the film screenings we’re looking forward to the most. For the individual screening dates please check out the film’s pages on the Berlinale website linked below the trailers.

Hélio Oiticica
Director: Cesar Oiticica Filho
Short synopsis: Found-footage documentary about Brazilian artist Hélio Oiticica (1937-1980), the filmmaker’s uncle.

Official Website / Berlinale

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About a month ago San Francisco based director Travis Mathews has presented the Berlin episode of his “In Their Room” project at this year’s Porn Film Festival. The movie, which interlaces a couple of very private and portraits of gay Berliners and their dating- and sex life, will be released in Germany via Edition Salzgeber this winter. The DVD will also feature the San Francisco episode and a couple of short solo portraits made in conjunction with this first project. I’ve interviewed Travis for the latest issue of Salzgeber’s sissy magazine, which will be out next week. Here’s the english version of the conversation, which goes back until the very beginnings of Travis’ work as a director. The second part, in which we talked about his new movie “I Want Your Love” (Trailer here) will be published here as well as soon as the movie is out.

Your movies all have interesting stories about how they came to live. Tell me a little bit about these backgrounds, maybe we could start with the San Francisco episode of “In Their Room”. It was a collaboration with BUTT magazine, wasn’t it?

Basically it was winter 2009 and I had been doing documentary stuff for quite a while and was really putting all of my energy into getting back into film after I had left it for a while to pursue being a psycho therapist. I read a posting on BUTT’s blog where they were curating some videos for the Ace Hotel in Palms Springs or LA or something. I had a pretty short amount of time to try and come up with something to submit for this thing. So the idea of “In Their Room” came together – I shot a couple of people not really knowing what I was doing or what the template was going to be for it. But soon it became really clear to me how I could put it together as a piece with different men linked together. So I did that and submitted it to BUTT.

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This website would have around 100 visitors less per day if we hadn’t posted about Travis Mathews‘ semi-documentary project “In Their Room” and his short movie “I Want Your Love” over the past few months – they’ve turned out to be real Google magnets and I’m very thankful for that constant boost. “I Want Your Love” he has been produced as some sort of a test run for a feature film which the gay porn production company Naked Sword gladly agreed to finance after it became a huge success on the internet and has been watched more than 2 million times. The feature is now “finally, most definitely, wildly done” as Travis puts it and here’s a first teaser of what’s to come. I also recently made an interview with him, in which he also talks about his “In Their Room” Berlin movie, which Berliners will be able to see at the Berlin Pornfilmfestival later this month, where he will present it himself. I will post the the interview within the next few weeks. More about “I Want You Love” on the film’s website.

I highly want to recommend to all Berliners to take a closer look at the program of this year’s Pornfilmfestival 2011 at Movimento cinema. It is a really good opportunity to see a couple of (festival) films of the past months that didn’t get a proper release in Germany (or anywhere else) or only were shown in cinema for a short amount of time – a lot of them we already mentioned here. Amongst the featured films are Christophe Honoré’s “Man At Bath”, which will be the opening film festival and which I recommend, the porn icon documentary “Sagat” by Pascal Roche + Jérôme M. Oliveira, “Mutantes”, a documentary about the pro-Sex and post-porn movement by Virginie Despentes, “The Family Complete” by Japanese director Koichi Imaizumi, “Uncle David” by David Hoyle, Mike Nichols and Gary Reich, Todd Verow’s bareback documentary “Bottom X”, the Bruce LaBruce documentary “The Advocate Of Fagdom”, as well as the recent work of SF director Travis Mathews, who will present the Berlin edition of his “In Their Room” series and show the trailer to his latest film “I Want Your Love”. And there’s much more to discover.
Here’s the teaser to the short film “Mates” by Antonio Da Silva, who will be shown in the gay short film program. Check out the program here, it is completely in German at the moment, but an English version will follow this week.

Pornfilmfestival Berlin, Oct 27 to 30, Moviemento Berlin-Kreuzberg 

The director of the “I Want You Love” movie will be shooting a new episodes of his “In Their Room” series and is searching for guys from Berlin who like the idea to participate in the project. The shootings will take place between the last week in October and the first week in November, if you’re interested you can contact Mathews via: Here’s the call he sent me a few days ago:

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Travis Mathews, the director of the “In Their Rooms” series and the currently produced feature film “I Want Your Love” has just published a video interview with Girls-Singer Christopher Owens. In it Owens talks about the history of the band, San Francisco, his sexuality, the band’s relationship to pornography and a lot of other stuff and also plays an acoustic version of an unreleased Girls song called “Oh My Love”. I posted the second part of the interview (I found it a little bit more interesting than the first one) below, you find the first part and the clip showing Owens performing the song here. There’s also a new Girls song + video in the latest Music Ticker. Oh, and if you’re interested in playing a role in “I Want Your Love”: the casting takes place next week in Manhattan, you can apply here.

I Want Your Love“, a new new short film by indie director Travis Mattews illustrates very explicitely what it could feel like to fuck a good friend after having a few glasses of wine together. Like the movies Mathews shot for his documentary series  “In Their Room” the movie is very tenderly shot, and like other contemporary queer indie movies it combines both narrative and pornographic elements in a way that blurs the borders between a “feature film” and a “porn film”. The whole thing is also part of a bigger film project with the same title Mathews is working on at the moment (the title comes from a song by The Chromatics which is one of that bands that are going to be involved in it). You can watch the entire short for free and in high resolution on NakedSword as well as a little backstage-documentary which features an interview with Mathews. You also find the trailer and some movie stills below. Another interview with Mathews about the movie can be found on Johnny Murdoc’s blog.

UPDATE: The film is no longer online. 

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A few days ago BUTT Online posted the latest episode of Travis Mathews“In Their Room” project, which allows us to share some intimate moments with Brontez who can be observed smoking, singing, talking and playing with his cock in front of the camera.  I posted the video below, the complete movie can watched here or on in a better resolution in the video section of Mr. Mathews website. For more portrays from the “In Their Room” project please visit the filmmaker’s website.

“In Their Room” is a web documentary shot by a filmmaker called Travis Mathews. A bunch of 20 minute long episodes turn “a voyeuristic lens on one niche demographic, linking people together through their shared artifacts and interests”, as the director tells us on the webpage of the project. The first in this series shows Butt Magazine readers in their private space, the interviews can also be found on the homepage. A movie featuring all of the guys together has been deleted from Vimeo yesterday for being “pornographic with shots of masturbation”, but the guys from Butt magazine seem to be working on fixing the problem. Thanks Johnny for posting this.  Below you find one of the portraits, for more or them please visit the filmmaker’s website.