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Archive: Terre Thaemlitz

Another nice event at Berlin’s Hebbel theater: Tim Stüttgen, editor of the “Post Porn Politics” reader I mentioned here earlier this year, is curating an event called “Body Language”, the third edition of a series called “Life is Live”. I quote from the English introduction on the theater’s website: “For three days ‘Body Language’ will explore the question if queer role models are capable of expressing criticism about sexual normalisation in the medium of pop culture, without at the same time giving up the claim for a change. What exactly is happening when gestures serving the self-understanding of subcultures meet pop culture’s universal mechanisms of appropriation? Can this encounter be told as the story of an appropriation that happens over and over again? Which are the constructive perspectives of queer interventions into pop culture?”

The event will start on November 11 with a performance and a DJ set by Terre Thaemlitz and consists of two lecture panels called “Where is queer pop now” and “Challenging the Universal” (on November 12+13) featuring lecturers such as Bettina Köster (Ex-Malaria), Juba Kalamka from the from the rap group Deep Dickollective, Del LaGrace Volcano and others. There will also be a concert with JD Samson’s MEN and the noisy Maria & The Mirrors (video below), a film night (where as far I as know the hip hop documentary “Pick Up The Mic” will be shown in Berlin for the first time) and an extensive performance night. You can download the German version of the program flyer here, join the Facbook group of the event or visit the HAU website for tickets and the English introduction I quoted from above.

+++ Terre Thaemlitz aka DJ Sprinkles has recorded a georgeous ambient mix for Resident Advisor (Thanks, Jan) +++

+++ The Knife have recently been working on a studio version of the Darwin opera they have staged in collaboration with the Danish performance group Hotel Pro Forma last year. One of the tracks of this new album (that will be released on the 1st of May) features Planningtorock and Mt.Sims and can now be listend to and downloaded on their website (via GorillavsBear) +++

+++ Ali Love (who’s track “Diminishing Returns” completely made my New Year’s Eve evening) is back with another addictive song called “Love Harder”. Listen to it on his MySpace page or download an extended version of the song on Big Stereo +++

+++ Check out this version of  Lady Gaga’s “Bad Romance” by Grum – it’s even catchier than the one Hercules And Love Affair have done (Thanks, Gunnar) +++

+++ After Dizzy Rascal’s “Dirty CashRóisín Murphy gives us the next good reason to be happy that the (early) nineties are back. Click here to listen to her new song “Momma’s Place” on Youtube +++

+++ This is another beautiful music video I found on Life Is Not A Rehearsal. Warpaint is a band from L.A. and the video for “Stars” was released in autumn last year: