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As this year’s “Artists in Residence” Bianca und Sierra Casady aka CocoRosie have curated a very special series of live shows for year’s Donaufestival in Krems (Austria) this year: The series is called “Ungewöhnliche Hochzeiten” (“Unusual weddings”) and teams up artists from different backgrounds. My favorite collaboration is Antony + Sissy Nobby, who’ve done a slow piano version of Nobby’s 2009 awesomely explicit single “Lay Me Down” and have beautifully covered Madame Gaynor’s “I will survive”, followed by Laurie Anderson and Light Asylum and Nomi Ruiz (Hercules & Love Affair, Jessica 6) and the new post Hip Hop superhero Busdriver. Here are some blurry fan videos of the performances so we who couldn’t attend at least get a certain impression. Via Nomi Ruiz’ tumblr.

Antony and Sissy Nobby – “Lay Me Down”

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+++ Hercules and Love Affair have announced their tour dates for July and August. They can be found on omg blog. It’s where I found the photograph of hunky Andy Butler I posted on top of this post +++

+++ An mysterious artist from NYC called Sali has recently realeased a track called “Toldya”, which features a voice sample of M.I.A.’ and musically reminds of the stuff she’s into herself. You can download the song and two other ones on his website by leaving your email +++

+++ I’d like to introduce you to The Loveliers from Poland which wrote me a nice email a few days ago. Here’s their current song “Interactivity”, a chilled and melancholic low-tempo dance track:

The Loveliers – Interactivity +++

+++ The awesome queer culture blog Young Creature has recently posted a mixtape by JD Samson. You find the download link here +++

+++ Rusty Lazer is a DJ from New Orleans who’s currently supporting the Sissy Bounce  superstars Big Freedia, Katey Red and Sissy Nobby live. You can download two of his Bounce mixes on his Soundcloud profile (via omg blog) +++

+++ Here’s a another nice video by We Have Band:


Diplo has currently been working on a new little documentary series called “No One is Safe,” in which he explores the music styles and scenes he’s into. In the pilot of the series you can watch below you see him walking around in New Orleans to find out more about the history of Bounce music and the state it’s in today. He manages to meet Sissy Nobby and Big Freedia, the two trans rappers and Bounce artists I mentioned on CF in December, which demonstrate him how surprisingly peaceful gay and straight people can coexist on a party night in New Orleans (as long as some girls shake their asses). It’s a nice coincidence that I’ve found a new video by Sissy Nobby this morning, because now posting it kind of feels like completing a circle.


I proudly present Sissy Nobby and Big Freedia, the winners of the “10 Best Butts on the BUTT Blog” competition and two of the most famous rappers of the New Orleans “Sissy Bounce” community. If you haven’t heard of Nobby and Freedia yet – here are a few videos that depict what it means when shaking your ass becomes a political act. You can also check out N&F’s crazy song “Azz  Everywhere” on Big Freedia’s MySpace page. By the way: the third one of the videos has been filmed by Slava Mogutin at this year’s Butt Bang! party in New York in June. You can watch more of them on Mogution’s rather unknown Youtube channel. Photo above by Cheryl Gerber.