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Archive: Paul Rodriguez

“I was living in Nicaragua, El Salvador, and Oaxaca producing videos”, wrote me artist and Catch Fire contributor Paul Rodriguez about his exhibition HIV CA LA. “I ended up in Mexico City to show this work, but I had to get out of the country. HIV CV LA was a one night video installation in Los Angeles. I am interested in making videos that change the way a space feels by using color.” The show was curated by Philippe de Sablet, for more pictures and videos please visit the exhibition site.

“In Spring 2007 I was working on a documentary film that Dennis Hopper was a part of. I took about 5 photos at his house that morning.”

The first time I saw Rainbow Arabia I don’t remember much of it. All I know is that it was a good time. You know warm times and colors. RA have a record out “Boys and Diamonds” on Kompact. The sounds from this record draw from places all over the www/world while still keeping it LA. Stand out based tracks are “Boys and Diamonds”, “Without You”, and “This Life is Practice”. I would file this under sexy time and weird level listening. A remix from NGUZUNGUZU and a US tour with Spoek Mathambo, wild.