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Archive: Opening Ceremony

Brooklyn based singer/songwriter Ian Isiah‘s debut video was just banned from YouTube, another reminder of how thankful we should be that Vimeo is out there. The hyper-sexual clip features boychild and is an impressive first glimpse of what we are to expect from the next-level-R&B artist, who used to sing gospel back in his hometown Baltimore and now after modelling, dancing for Le1f and performing at the Opening Ceremony 10th Anniversary party is about to release his debut LP on the emerging New York based label UNO. For more information more about Isiah, who is also closely affiliated to Hood By Air and the GHE20G0THIK crowd, please check out the interview with him in the current issue of BAD GRAMMAR magazine or stream this episode of the Universopolis show on East Village Radio, in which he talks about his background has an artist and plays more of his songs and some of the music influencing him. The video “M1NDFVCK” was directed by Mitch Moore.

A few days ago Opening Ceremony has launched a new limited collection for which the label has teamed up with Yoko Ono. The new styles are based on a series of sketches for clothing and accessories Ono gave to John Lennon as a wedding gift, celebrating his “hot bod”. It took me a while to get into this, but now I really love the campyness and playfulness of the collection, so here are some of my favorite looks. More over at Open Ceremony.

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