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A whole bunch of exciting new collections have been presented presented throughout the past few weeks, most of them at this year’s London Fashion Week. I don’t want to bore you guys (especially the ones who aren’t so much into fashion) with loads of fashion pics, so I made a little compilation to give you the opportunity to discover all that stuff, I especially love the one by Cassette Playa. Click on the pictures to check them out.

Cassette Playa AW 2011 @ LFW

Astrid Anderson AW 2011/12 @ LFW


KTZ AW 2011/12 @ LFW

Christopher Shannon AW 2011/12 @ LFW

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@ MAN / London Fashion Week.

Unfortunatly picture is the only thing of New Power Studio‘s MAN show at the London fashion week I can post here withough causing heavy copyright infringements. And it’s not even my favourite outfit. But you can have a closer look at this great collection on

UDATE: You find a video of the show here.

(Picture via Welt Online via Picture Alliance / Empics / PA Wire)


New Power Studio is a great unisex clothing brand from London that evolved from a collaboration between womenswear designer Ebru Ercon and menswear stylist Thom Murphy. To feature the duo now is actually pretty late since its break-through already took place at the London fashion week in spring were they sucessfully presented “White Mice”, a video of the autumn/winter collection for this year (it’s posted below, you find more pictures of the collection on the NPS website).  The video has been directed by  Terry Hall who also shot a new one called “Black Duck” presenting the spring/summer collection 2010 (click here to watch it). Thanks to Jackohomo‘s tumblr this gap in my knowledge is now being filled.