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Sara Swaty, In Between & Outside, MontyLos Angeles based photographer Sara Swaty‘s ongoing series “In Between & Outside” portrays and documents individual ideas and expressions of gender and aims to show the variety of gender identities beyond the prevailing man-women dualism. Many of her portraits are accompanied by testimonials in which the models describe their perceptions of gender and gender performance.
The series is currently on view at Art of Studio, Los Angeles and will be shown there until October 20th. For more portraits, the testimonials and project updates visit the In Between & Outside website or Sara’s Facebook or Instagram pages. For more of Sara’s work check out her website or her tumblr.

Sara Swaty, In Between & Outside, Monty


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Another exciting movie I’ve stumbled upon during the research for the “Queer Film Archive Berlin” project (see sidebar). Wildness by Los Angeles based artist and filmmaker Wu Tsang is a documentary portrait of the Silver Platter, a bar in city’s MacArthur Park area, which has been home for Latin/LBGT immigrant communities since the early sixties. The movie, which premiered at  MoMA’s Documentary Fortnight and was shown earlier this year at SXSW and the Whitney Biennial, explores what happened when Wu and and DJs NGUZUNGUZU & Total Freedom started a experimental party entitled “Wildness” at the Silver Platter, which brought a new clientele and new cultural impulses to the place.
As someone who is very skeptical about the idea of “taking over” long-established places as a cultural practice (which is something that has been very popular amongst queer party organizers in Berlin and other metropoles as well, think of Pork or Arm&Sexy here), I’m really curious what kind of story Wu tells and to what conclusions he comes, so I hope I’ll get to see “Wildness” sometime soon. Screening dates can be found on the film’s website, as well as the director’s blog, which I also recommend. Picture on top: Production still by Love Ablan.