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+++ ATMA is Jane Arnison aka Jon Dark, member of the Berlin based band Kool Thing. The band is currently working on new songs for the follow-up to their wonderful self-titled debut, and all members will be releasing new material from their side-projects in the next few months. Jane does the start with a beautiful self-recorded and produced 5-track-EP “Remedy in Motion” entitled out Jan 28th via Mad Dog & Love. The lead single “Roses” is as athmosperic and longing as the whole record and can already be streamed and downloaded. If you like the vibe as much as I do you can already pre-order the whole thing it via Bandcamp.

+++ I discovered hip hop artist Jay Boogie through the latest issue of BDGRMMR magazine, which we posted about last Wednesday (click here or see below). I highly recommend his 7-track album/EP “Pretty Spitta”, which was released late December on Jay’s Bandcamp page is described as “The sound of struggle, beauty, pain. Sex, spiritualism, opulence and self-awareness.” I have nothing to add here, except for that you can stream the whole thing here, to buy it click on “download”:

+++ sean360x is based in Paris and does very jazzy, intimate soul music with a wonderfully releaxed, funky vibe and a the right amount of creative chaos. His song “je ne sais quoi (know not)” was released in November last year as part of on the EP “one” and now comes with a nice split-screen-heavy video, which according to the YouTube info text shows the artist “embracing the uncertainties of life for 3 years through ritual and symbolism in the jenga of Paris, Haiti, New Orleans, & Alphabet City”. Check it out:

+++ CocoRosie have released a beautiful new track entitled “Gravediggress” (cover above), which will be on their new album “Tales of a Grass Widow” (due May 27 in Europe)/ 28 in North America). Stream and download it here:

+++ Kool Thing have a catchy new single entitled “TV Tower”, which will be the leading track of their debut album they’re about to release on March 4. Stream the tune here:

+++ Check out gender-bending new videos by Big Freedia (“Feeling Myself”), Potpourri of Pearls (“Shadow On My Shoulder”) and Kids On TV (“Dazzler”, below)

+++ THEESatisfaction, whose “awE naturalE” album is still high on the list of my favorite 2012 records, have released a new free EP on their bandcamp site. ”THEESatisfaction Loves Anita Baker” is only around 7 minutes long, but worth every second, and you can stream and download it right here. If you don’t know the duo yet check out the beautiful video to their single “QueenS”.

+++ Berlin based mysterious singer/songwriter o F F Love has just released a new mixtape entitled “Love Me You Do, Love Me If You..” and will support of Tom Krell aka How To Dress Well on his US tour in the next three weeks. Check out the artist’s website for tour dates and his Soundcloud page for his “My Love For You… Probably Love” record from earlier this year (free download).

+++ Baltimore based blogger and artist Abdu Ali Eaton, who I recently interviewed for our Good Blogs section, has just released a new song: “360″ is a taste of what’s to come music-wise from the maker of the Eat On This blog and was produced by Schwarz, another Baltimore based artist. Free download.

+++ Berlin based duo Kool Thing have a new video to their song “PLAN.LIFE.GO” taken from their recent 12″ vinyl single of the same name. The clip was shot in an abandoned sanatorium in Beelitz, just outside Berlin, and like the song needs a little time to develop, so I recommend to really watch it all the way through. Directed by Robin Plessy.

+++ Kool Thing – “Light Games” ++++

By Claire Kurylowski. From their free “Light Games EP”.

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+++ Berlin based Kool Thing (picture on top by Emma Haugh) has just released a beautiful free 3-track EP entitled “Light Games”. You can stream and download it here (new video to “Light Games” soon):

+++ The Magnetic Fields will release their new album “Bottom of the Sea” on March 6 via Merge Records. Here’s the stream of the album track and cute queer hymn “Andrew in Drag”:

+++ Check out new videos by Austra (“Spellwork“) and Trust (“Bulbform“), a side project of Austra drummer Maya Postepski +++

+++  Travis Egedy aka Pictureplane has just released a free remix album of his debut ”Thee Physical” from last year. The album entitled “Dimensional Rip 7″ can be streamed and downloaded via DIS magazine. Here’s the video to the Extreme Animals remix of “Body Mods”. It may sound familiar to you.

Toronto-based, minor-key-addicted Austra have blown up in such a short amount of time since the May release of their debut album Feel It Break, so it would be easily to dismiss them as hype — a video censored for nudity and a mention on Jay-Z’s blog couldn’t have hurt — but thankfully the quality of the music indicates otherwise. Their cold synth patterns and Katie Stelmanis‘s rich voice are a soft sell on melancholic ears, and their sound perfectly defines the Blacksmith Synth-Bop trend of 2011 (a micro-genre I coined just now).

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DJ/producer Massimiliano Pagliara, last seen remixing Hard Ton, has just released his debut album Focus for Infinity on Frankfurt club/imprint Live at Robert Johnson, distributed via Kompakt. It’s an unabashedly retro affair, echoing 80s synth-pop and house sounds with guest vocalists on a few tracks, including “Fade the Light” featuring Mavin from Manhooker, which I featured last month on both Expatriarch Radio and Top Secret.

Read on to stream clips from each of the album’s tracks, followed by my last radio show (which also includes Ssion, Crazy Bitch in a Cave and my very own remix for Catch Fire favorite Kool Thing).

Earlier this week Massi nerded out about his influences, gear and collaborators with What People Say. Berliners can catch him DJing this Saturday, June 11th, at About Blank with NYC’s Morgan Geist, Daniel Wang and Trust.

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+++ Jimmy Tamborello aka Figurin aka Strictly Ballroom aka The Postal Service aka Dntel has just outed himself as a huge Enya fan by releasing a free 9-track mini-album of Enya remixes online. You can stream the album on self-titled and download it on dublab +++

+++ On June 27th YACHT (see above) will release their new record “Shangri-La”  on DFA. Here’s a new song called “Dystopia” to stream + download (via Fader):

+++ Kool Thing have send me a really nice danceable remix of their song “The Sign” from their self-titled debut EP (available via Bandcamp). You can stream and download it here:

The Sign (Chance In The Dark Mix)

+++ Barbara Panther is going to release a new album called “Moonlight People” on June 3rd via City Slang / Universal. The record will include three tracks of her awesome “Empire EP” released last year + seven new tracks and will like the EP be produced by Matthew Herbert. You can watch the video to her new single “Moonlight People” here (via Expatriach) +++

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Berlin based queer electro punk / performance duo Nuclear Family has released its new album “Fuck My He Art” in December last year, and since then constantly release remixes of the album songs by acts such Kool Thing and Mr.Kitty as well as wild videos that are regularly banned by YouTube. For CF Nuclear Family songwriter and mastermind Nikolaj has put together a list of his five favourite web clips and gives an insight on his influences, be it queer core or the Pet Shop Boys. You can check out + buy “Fuck My He Art” on Bandcamp (I love the cover) and the duo’s other stuff such as their videos, concert photos and their latest coups on their blog/website. Click here for more PICK 5s by Kool Thing, Hard Ton and Discodromo!

1. Huggy Bear – Pansy Twist

“I have to start with Huggy Bear. To me they are the essential Riot Grrrl band, and this is the ultimate punk rock faggot anthem. To me working consciously as a queer artist in music is very much about creating a space for identification which stands both as a queer opposition to a dominantly straight subculture as well as a subcultural opposition to a mainstream gay culture. And this song and video do both so beautifully I wanna scream and jump with joy. And then I always thought guys wearing animal heads was the sweetest mix of childlike innocence and total kink.”

2. Screamers – 122 Hours of Fear

“You cannot say ‘queer’, ‘punk’ and ‘synth’ without mentioning The Screamers. It’s primitive, raw, and punk in every sense of the word, and still highly intelligent and defying the restrictions of any possible label. And the stage performance of singer Tomaty Du Plenty is totally awe-inspiring.”

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As a new contributor to Catch Fire, I’ll never miss the chance to plug myself. First off, let me tell you about a new party series I’m starting along with DJ Dickey Doo, the first edition of which happens this Friday in Berlin. We’ve also launched the Top Secret blog with YouClouds and SoundTubes to give you an idea of our style.

Social networking in the flesh
w/ DJs Dickey Doo & Joey Hansom
Friday, 18th of February, 23:00
Miss Tipsy Champagneria
Falckensteinstr. 16, Kreuzberg
2€ entry

Second, all episodes of Expatriarch Radio have been uploaded to Mixcloud for easy streaming, including the latest episode, below, which features new tracks from Berliner acts Kool Thing (playing at Kaffee Burger on February 23) and Aerea Negrot (performing both solo and as part of Hercules & Love Affair at Berghain on March 3rd). Enjoy!

Kool Thing is a Berlin-based band I already mentioned in the last music ticker a few days I ago. I contacted Julie Chance, one half of the duo (who also goes by the name Julie Fogarty, under which she works as a photographer), after falling in love with their self-titled debut EP, and she liked the idea of contributing to our PICK 5 series, for which artists pick out a couple of their favourite web clips and comment them. The result is really nice and offers a nice little insight in the duos’s creative sources. Check out Kool Thing’s bandcamp page for the EP and to check their upcoming live gigs in Berlin as well as their Myspace page for the new video their song “The Sign”.

1. David Bowie – Putting out the Fire (live)

“The first vid is by David Bowie, we were in a record shop in Dublin and came across the sound track to the movie Cat People. We hadn’t seen the movie but the sound track was by Giorgio Moroder so we bought it and LOVED it. This is the title track ‘Putting out the Fire’ from David Bowie’s 1983 ‘Serious Moonlight’ tour”

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+++ Hercules And Love Affair‘s new album “Blue Songs” will be released in a couple of days. The band’s label Moshi Moshi has already made the full album available to stream on Soundcloud. More about the record in the interview with Andy Butler I published a couple of days ago +++

+++ I’m completely in love with “BTSTU”, a song by a British songwriter and record producer called Jai Paul (see picture). The song is a demo from 2007 and has gained a lot of attention after being played several times on the UK national radio in December. Someone even dedicated an animated video to the song a couple of weeks ago. Download it here (via aHeadwork):

Jai Paul – BTSTU

+++ The Berlin based hypnotic psychedelic electronic showgaze band Kool Thing has recently released its first self-titled E.P. via Bandcamp and ITunes and I can assure you that it’s worth every single penny. Check out the site for their tour dates as well. Here’s the “The Sign”, the opener of the E.P.:

+++ Download a mixtape by SCAB and  NYC based artist Michael Magnan right here +++

+++ “Fireworks” is a track of the upcoming self-titled album by Vianna based artist Wolfram and has been produced in collaboration with Hercules & Love Affair (whatever this means exactly). More about the album and the artist here. Here’s the song: