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HOMEcountry – a film project by Imogen Heath

“HOMEcountry is the story of an individual’s loss of memory and search for home against the backdrop of a nation’s historical amnesia. The film project is an inquiry into the process of remembering through travelling, where personal and national histories combine and disintegrate across two frames of film at once. This campaign is raising funds to shoot the key scenes in Germany and produce a short film as a development stage for the larger feature film project between Australia and Germany.”

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Diana Tourjee’s Transgender Surgery Fundraiser

“My name is Diana Tourjee. I am a 24 year old transgender woman, writer, and student living in New York City. This campaign has been established to fund my Gender Confirmation Surgery, specifically vaginoplasty. Unfortunately my insurance agency has not evolved to acknowledge the real medical necessity of transgender care. They have denied to cover the cost of my surgery on the grounds that is a cosmetic procedure. It is heart breaking that medical care isn’t where it needs to be for so many people, across so many demographics, but I understand the reality of the situation. Thats where you come in. I need help from my community, and it is with great humility that I ask for that help.

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Justin Vivian Bond’s “Golden Age of Hustlers” video

“Art places voices in history. Just as Justin Bond carries Bambi Lake’s Golden Age of Hustlers to new ears at the legendary Joe’s Pub in NYC, so would this music video present the collective consciousness of V’s music. The music video for Golden Age of Hustlers will mix performance from Justin Vivian Bond, live staged tableaus from local performance artists and still projections from San Franscisco’s queer community in the 1980s.”

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On Christmas Day the New York Times has published a not very flattering review of artist Justin Vivian Bond‘s new winter show “Snow Angel” by music critic Stephen Holden. The article, which consistently emphasizes the “freakishness”, “harshness” and “troubledness” of the Justin’s show and her personality, reveals more about the author’s obvious problems with a self-confident transgendered person on stage than about the actual event. It feels strangely disconnected, like it’s written by someone who’s horizon of experience with stage shows of any kind is stuck in the Sixties or Seventies. Someone who seems to think that “transgendered” is just a modern word for “drag”.
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I’m not a big christmas fan, and I assume that most of you out there aren’t either, but this sounds like fun: Bradford Nordeen, curator of the queer screening series Dirty Looks NYC has co-organized a very special christmas special entitled ”Mary Boom! Christmas Special” for the upcoming Saturday, December 15. The revue style event hosted by his drag Persona Mary Boom and inspired by classic Christmas Specials like “RuPaul’s Christmas Ball,” “Pee-Wee’s Christmas Special,” “The Divine David Presents…,” and “The Kate Bush Christmas Special”, will feature a nice line-up of downtown NYC artists, performers and living legends such as Justin Vivian Bond, Dynasty Handbag, Geo Wyeth, Nicholas Gorham, the Kate Bush Dance Troupe, Nicholas Buffon and Jennifer Blowdryer. The evening will also serve as the launch for the video of Mary’s debut single “White Christmas!” directed by Josef Kraska (aka performance artist Narcissister) and co-starring Colin Self and Monica Yi you can see parts of the clip in this teaser, watch it right here:
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