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While I tend to agree with VICE writer Sophie Heawood when she states that fashion “doesn’t look like a place I would go if I needed a hug”, young DIY labels like the Brooklyn based BCALLA prove that fashion can still be fun, smart and shape the identity of a community. For the look book to his latest collection ”The Sodomites of Sans-Souci” designer Bradley Callahan has invited friends and family for a get-together with photographer Michael Burk, and the result is fabulous. And really, who wouldn’t want a hug from people like Juliana Huxtable or Colin Self?


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Directed by Alan Del Rio Ortiz, featuring House of Ladosha‘s Juliana Huxtable and Adam Radakovich, Tigga Calore, Cole Mohr, Contessa Stuto, Honor Titus, Leigh Mason, Nigel Zesus, and Melissa Burns. New album out in September. Download a free Gobby remix of “Candy” via

Shot by Zak Krevitt, jewelry by Chris Habana and Santiago Casanova.
More pictures on the OAK blog, more Juliana here.

This reading by House of Ladosha member Juliana Huxtable was recorded at the Fag City reading event at Envoy Enterprises on October 10th 2012, and I’m happy it is online in full-length now. A text version of “Unfriendly Black Hottie (Queen Read 1+2)”, a powerful and hilarious take on everyday-transphobia and -racism (starts around 4:40), can be found on Neon Ladosha’s blog. For the second part of the reading please visit Juliana’s Vimeo page.

When the media hype around new queer hip hop artists reached its peak last year, many journalists and bloggers highlighted House of Ladosha in line with artists such as LE1F and Mykki Blanco, assuming that the name stands solely for a music act. But it would be a mistake to reduce the New York based collective to its music, even if the music created and performed by Ladosha members Dosha Devastation and Cunty Crawford Ladosha is the most visible part of the collective.
Nevertheless, “Ladosha” stands for a group of individual artists and performers, who in their own way continue the concept of the “house” as it emerged from the Ballroom community as a way of opposing traditional ideas of family and “the home”. The concept of “house” is meant in a more abstract way. It is about a state of mind, about friendship and shared interests such as music, art and fashion, with house members who all question and transform stereotypical ideas of race, sexuality and gender in their own creative ways.
New Yorkers now have the possibility to explore the Ladosha world through an exhibition at Superchief gallery, which will open on Thursday. “The Whole House Eats” curated by artist and Ladosha member Christopher Udemezue aka Neon Christina Ladosha will feature artwork, video and photography by the members of the Ladosha family, as well as a live performance by Dosha Devastation and Cunty Crawford Ladosha, who will perform at the opening. If you want to know what awaits you can check out the video below or the exhibition tumblr, as well as the Ladosha soundcloud page, where they just recently posted a new track entitled “9 or 11″. For a more theoretical introduction to the exhibition and the galleries opening hours check out the Superchief website.

“The Whole House Eats”, February 7th to 14th at Superchief Gallery at Culturfix, 9 Clinton Street, New York.

The gang’s all QUEER (2009-2012)
Oakland based designer and artist Mekhi Baldwin has started The GAQ in May 2009 after unsuccessfully searching for a blog that caters to the work of queer artists of color. Over three years, the tumblr has become one of the most important sources for queer art and culture beyond the mainstream and has contributed to a new self-awareness in the community. A few weeks ago Mekhi has decided to stop working on The GAQ, so the site is no longer updated, but can still be visited as an online archive.

Amazing art tumblr by artist Julio Torres Salcedo, a self-described “27 y/o fatqueermexican”, who combines pictures of his own work (I especially like his shirts with drawings of new and old queer idols and role-models) with critical reflections on race, queer culture and the body + the work of other exciting artists. You can also find him on Twitter.

Tumblr by artist and House of Ladosha member Juliana Huxtable, who you may know from her guest appearance in Le1f’s new “Soda” video or as a model for Bcalla or for photographer Amos Mac (see picture, with pink pics). Like her awesome Neon Ladosha blogspot site the tumblr focuses on fashion, arts and queer pop + neo-goth culture with a heavy bent on the work of queer artists of color. (UPDATE: The Neon Ladosha blog is NOT run by Juliana Huxtable Ladosha, but by, yes, Neon Ladosha. See comment below. Sorry for the misinformation!)

1-800 Friends/Thugs Mansion
“Welome to my little corner of misandry”: Fragments of contemporary queer culture + trans* culture + QPoC culture + pop culture by Oakland based accessorizer/artist Terry X, designer of the “Butch Please” cap.

The BANG Gang
Awesome all-gender hipster fashion tumblr with a focus on metallic fabrics, crazy prints, transgressive outlines and dramatic gold/silver jewelry.

Colorful photo collection at the intersection of feminism, fashion and (black/queer) pop culture.

Queering The Game Of Life
“I’m a fat brown cis male queer who posts about stuff relevant to that, as well as other things that interest me, things I think are pretty, music, other forms of popular culture, and the occasional personal post with little to no consistency. I also run the body positive blogs fuckyeahchubbyguysofcolor and fatnudes, if you’re into that sort of thing.” Nothing to add.

Tumlbr by photographer Tomoaki Hata, who’s photobook “The night is still young” about the Osaka gay/drag scene we featured earlier this year. Campy view on past and contemporary Western and Asian pop culture.

utopian asthetic
Exciting source for avantgardist fashion, design and art.

~ (Martyr Men)
Art, fashion, guys and porn posted by Kwame, a 22 independent pornographer. The site also features his own indie porn productions (= stylish wanking videos guys & re-edited porn). Via Okan.


From the duo’s new ”Liquid” EP (out now via Boysnoize Records on ITunes and Vinyl). Video for directed by Sam Jones, who also did the “Wut” video.

BCALLA is a pretty awesome, pretty experimental post-gender fashion label run by Brad Callahan, a graduate from The School of the Art Institute of Chicago. About a year ago we’ve already posted about his BCALLA LQQKS project, which ran until earlier this year. With the monthly series Callahan and his beautiful models (most of them queer artists and performers such as Colin Self, Jake Dibeler or Juliana Huxtable Ladosha) presented different looks available for limited purchase for a limited time. Here are some more of the LQQKS that were created after our last posting:

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