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Catch Fire took note of my queer-feminist radio show right after it started out, which I suppose is what led to me being a contributor around here (very sporadically, I admit). Compiling a transgenre musical selection every month has kept me up to date with the music scene in Berlin (and beyond), and it’s been fulfilling to provide an outlet for women and queer(-friendly) artists who don’t necessarily get a lot of exposure elsewhere.

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John Cameron Mitchell
might not have a new film out at the moment, but he’s in Berlin for the film festival with plenty of other activities keeping him busy. On a break from writing the stage sequel to Hedwig and the Angry Inch, Mitchell was invited by the Berlinale Talent Campus to speak about cinematic depiction of sex for Thursday’s “Some Like It Hot” panel at HAU1. Later that night, he and I will join Shortbus stars PJ DeBoy and Paul Dawson for MATTACHINE Berlin, the first European edition of their semi-legendary NYC dance party, taking place at Monster Ronson’s.

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+++ Snax has just published a pretty depressing article on the Huffington Post about the homophobic and racist reactions to the video of song “It’s Time To Get Paid” (a collaboration with Yo!Majesty member Shunda K). Read it here. Germans can watch the video here.

+++ The mysterious Manchester group No Ceremony have remixed Patrick Wolf’s “Time Of My Life”. You can stream and download the song here (via Snipe London). I also recommend the download of their lastest single “Wearme” on their homepage (via Joey).

+++ Catch Fire contributor Joey Hansom and his friend and DJ partner Dickey Doo have remixed “Dark Allies” by Light Asylum. You can stream it here and download it via Altered Zones.

+++ CSS have just released the video for their latest Single “City Grrrl” feat. SSION from their album “La Liberation” (cover on top). You find two free remixes of the song by MEN and Teeth on

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The first sequel to A Nightmare on Elm Street gets a bad rap for a number of reasons: The original’s creator Wes Craven wasn’t involved, Freddy Krueger (the only returning character) is onscreen for only 13 minutes, and he inexplicably begins to kill his victims in real life rather than in their dreams. But as a standalone piece, it’s a camp classic! That’s mainly because of the looming homosexual desire that haunts the teenage protagonist Jesse…

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Toronto-based, minor-key-addicted Austra have blown up in such a short amount of time since the May release of their debut album Feel It Break, so it would be easily to dismiss them as hype — a video censored for nudity and a mention on Jay-Z’s blog couldn’t have hurt — but thankfully the quality of the music indicates otherwise. Their cold synth patterns and Katie Stelmanis‘s rich voice are a soft sell on melancholic ears, and their sound perfectly defines the Blacksmith Synth-Bop trend of 2011 (a micro-genre I coined just now).

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DJ/producer Massimiliano Pagliara, last seen remixing Hard Ton, has just released his debut album Focus for Infinity on Frankfurt club/imprint Live at Robert Johnson, distributed via Kompakt. It’s an unabashedly retro affair, echoing 80s synth-pop and house sounds with guest vocalists on a few tracks, including “Fade the Light” featuring Mavin from Manhooker, which I featured last month on both Expatriarch Radio and Top Secret.

Read on to stream clips from each of the album’s tracks, followed by my last radio show (which also includes Ssion, Crazy Bitch in a Cave and my very own remix for Catch Fire favorite Kool Thing).

Earlier this week Massi nerded out about his influences, gear and collaborators with What People Say. Berliners can catch him DJing this Saturday, June 11th, at About Blank with NYC’s Morgan Geist, Daniel Wang and Trust.

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+++ Jessica 6, the band of former Hercules And Love Affair singer Nomi Ruiz will release their really awesome debut “See The Light” on June 7th via Peace Frog Records. You can already stream and download their first single “White Horse” via Soundcloud and a new song called “Prisoner of Love” (feat. Antony Hegarty) right here. Click here to pre-order the album via Amazon.

Jessica 6 – Prisoner Of Love feat. Antony Hegarty by Peacefrog Records

+++ Dev Hynes aka Lightspeed Champion aka Blood Orange has a beautiful, stylish new single called “Dinner”, which was released via terrible records, the label of Grizzly Bear member Chris Taylor, about a month ago. Now there’s also a video to the song you can watch on BIGSTEREO. Stream and download the song here (via PMA):
Blood Orange – Dinner by DominoRecordCo

+++ Catch Fire contributor Joey Hansom has just released a new mixtape called “Instant Gratification” he desribes as a “transgenre expedition spanning decades of music, finally ending apartheid amongst daydreamy disco, musty synth-pop, polished house, slapdash dancehall, arena rock and hippie-dippie bullshit”. Stream it here and download it via Top Secret, you’ll also find the playlist over there:

Joey Hansom – Instant Gratification by joeyhansom

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Make Out Magazine, the new queer/feminist publication I’m co-founding, will host an evening of live performances and DJs this Friday, May 6th, at Raumerweiterungshalle in Berlin. Nuclear Family and Alexander (both featured recently here on Catch Fire) will perform, along with Late Nights in Squat Bars, plus DJs IF, Leosa and myself. Entry is an extremely reasonable 3€ donation, which will go toward the cost of printing our first issue. Berliners planning to attend may RSVP at Facebook.

This past Saturday was the second edition of Berlin’s Gegen party at M.I.K.Z. Club, including DJs Olof Dreijer of The Knife and Mt. Sims, plus a second room for experimental music and live performances from Mater Suspiria Vision and Butterclock. In keeping with the party’s theme (“gegen” is German for “against”), I decided to cause a bit of a stir by approaching bearded bears with a pair of scissors and an edition of ten “Bartbeschneidungsbescheinigungen” (“Beard circumcision certificates”). I was happy to find a few good sports – including co-organizers/DJs Warbear and Tom Ass — who let me take a small symbolic snip of their facial foliage, and Verena of Transnational Queer Underground was there to photographically document my victims and my dumbass smirk.

“…while there’s nothing inherently wrong with facial hair, beards have become a tired cliché in the “alternative” gay scene, a gesture often signifying little more than conforming to nonconformity, a superficial expression of masculinity in an attempt to compensate for personal insecurity. Plus, food gets stuck in there.”

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As a new contributor to Catch Fire, I’ll never miss the chance to plug myself. First off, let me tell you about a new party series I’m starting along with DJ Dickey Doo, the first edition of which happens this Friday in Berlin. We’ve also launched the Top Secret blog with YouClouds and SoundTubes to give you an idea of our style.

Social networking in the flesh
w/ DJs Dickey Doo & Joey Hansom
Friday, 18th of February, 23:00
Miss Tipsy Champagneria
Falckensteinstr. 16, Kreuzberg
2€ entry

Second, all episodes of Expatriarch Radio have been uploaded to Mixcloud for easy streaming, including the latest episode, below, which features new tracks from Berliner acts Kool Thing (playing at Kaffee Burger on February 23) and Aerea Negrot (performing both solo and as part of Hercules & Love Affair at Berghain on March 3rd). Enjoy!