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The tickets for the 63. Berlinale are now on sale. We’ve taken a closer look on this year’s program and put together a list of the film screenings we’re looking forward to the most. For the individual screening dates please check out the film’s pages on the Berlinale website linked below the trailers.

Hélio Oiticica
Director: Cesar Oiticica Filho
Short synopsis: Found-footage documentary about Brazilian artist Hélio Oiticica (1937-1980), the filmmaker’s uncle.

Official Website / Berlinale

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Released in September 2011, pictures by David Benjamin Sherry. Order magazine here. Via Spex.

+++ Light Asylum: “A Certain Person” (“In Tension”-EP out via Mexican Summer) +++

+++ The Hidden Cameras – “Do I Belong” (10th birthday show in London tonight, Pet Shop Boys remix of “Colour Of A Man here)

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"Castle" video still (c) James Franco

James Franco and those circling him are stacking everything possible on his Academy Award nomination; milking it dry to get the biggest boost. Unfortunately, some of that milk is sour. His current show, The Dangerous Book Four Boys (DBFB) at Peres Projects Berlin, should not be on the shelf.

The opening for DBFB was on 12 February 2011 at both Peres Projects locations in Berlin. I chose to visit the Kreuzberg location on opening night. Entering the gallery, I found large partially melted plastic play houses, a pile of rubbish, faux houses and benches made of cheap plywood, photographs, Polaroid’s in a room darkened for a video (they couldn’t be viewed without your flashlight…err…cellphone), and two rooms with looping video sequences. That was just the Kreuzberg location.

Looking at the work in Kreuzberg, I could make out one subject area “dangerous”: explosions, flaming arrows, burning, motorcycle tricks and the like. However, there were many pieces in the exhibit which were completely unrelated to this; the rubbish, Polaroid’s, Star Trek soft porn, Goat Boy, …they just didn’t fit. This isn’t a limit of my imagination. Rather, it is a disorganization and lack of focus that repeats itself throughout the exhibit.

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