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Archive: Electrosexual

+++ I start with two article recommendations: A couple of days ago the news website Colorlines has relased this really awesome list of promising queer hip hop artists. The list was put together by Oakland based writer Jameliah King in collaboration with rapper Invincible, founder of the label Emergence and Deep Dickkollektive member and spoken words artist Juba Kalamka. (via Tim)+++

+++ “Is hip-hop homophobia at a tipping point?” is an article about homophobia in contemporary hip hop by author Alex Macpherson, who sees a new openness amongst amongst a new generation of rappers such as Tyler, The Creator and Lil B, who got death threats for declaring to name his new record “I’m Gay” at his Coachella gig. (via Christian) +++

+++ Odd Future artist Frank Ocean has just released a free mixtape called “Nostalgia, Ultra”, which convinces with a smooth, eclectic R’nB sound. Ocean is mentioned in the Guardian article above for a pro-gay-marriage statements in his song “We all try” by the way, which makes his stuff even more likable. You can download it via datPiff (via Christian)  +++

+++ Electrosexual has released a new free song called “Break You Nice”, a collaboration with Scream Club. The track is a remix of Italian artist Hard Ton and will be released as a limited 12″ pressed on Electrosexual’s label Rock Machine Records. You can steam and download it here (via Joey/Top Secret):


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Shunda K of Yo Majesty released her first solo album The Most Wanted this week (although that’s using the term “solo” liberally, as she works with variety of different guest vocalists and producers, including Snax, Cindy Wonderful and Electrosexual). You can download several tracks for free at her SoundCloud, including the single “I’m da Best”, which I described in my proud magazine best-of-2010 mix as happy hardcore gospel hip-house, as well as the Outkast-inspired “My Light”:

My Light (feat. Tan) by Shunda K

In my recent interview with Shunda (read the full thing at or listen to an excerpt in Expatriarch Radio #11), she confirmed that Yo Majesty is not completely defunct as previously reported, and that the group’s new incarnation will be releasing in the near future. She also gave a heads up on “Three-way Freeway”, a forthcoming track in collaboration with Peaches and the Superions, the new band from Fred Schneider of the B-52s. Group sex while driving? Can’t they keep it in their pants until they see a faded sign at the side of the road that says “15 miles to the…”?

+++ Matmos and So Percussion, a quartet from New York have recorded an E.P. called “Trasure State” together. Check out the “Treasure”, a song like a tropical summer breeze on Pitchfork +++

+++ Berlin-based duo Scream Club have recently released a new 12″ single called “Break You Nice” featuring French producer Electrosexual. You can prelisten the record on Scream Club’s website. There’s also a video for the song “Break You Nice” that has been shot in summer last year, click here to watch it. I also like their new stage outfits designed by Glyphdesign +++

+++ The guys over at Patent Leather Daddy have always been huge Gregg Araki fans and have now recently uploaded the scores of three his movies -  “The Living End“, “Nowhere” and “Mysterious skin” +++

+++ I must admit that I’m not the biggest fan of Kele Okereke‘s solo attempt, but I guess a lot of you may be interested in the fact that another two of his new songs can be streamed on Stereogum now +++

+++ Check out Kelis‘ cover of La Roux’ “In For The Kill” in all it’s simplicity on omg blog (where it’s also downloadable) +++

+++ Rainbow Arabia have an new song called “Holiday in Congo” which can be downloaded on Stereogum. They also feature their nice new video +++

+++ Ariel Pink’s Haunted Graffiti have performend some songs of their upcoming album “Before Today” for their label 4AD. The video below shows a live version of the song “Menopause Men”, the other parts of the session can be watched here.