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Berlin based duo Crime is back with visuals to their song “Luck Comes Sweeter”. The video was directed by the Berlin-based queer film collective nowMomentnow and explores and digitally transform mysterious landscapes from Germany and Australia.


Nearly a year has passed by since we’ve featured Crime‘s debut video “This Party Blows” in one of our Music Tickers and about half a year since they’ve contributed to our PICK 5 series. During that period Berliners Mika Risiko (Sissters) and Sarah Adorable (Scream Club) have constantly been touring around Europe and working on their music, a persistency that now seems to be paying out for the duo: With their debut EP ”Epiphany” Crime are taking a huge step forward and have given their industrial pop sound a new final touch by working with Danish artist and producer Heidi Mortenson, who has mixed & mastered it. You can stream and and download the EP below, after the little interview we’ve done with Crime to learn more about their collaborative project and the work an the record.

How did you meet each other and what made you decide to start a band project together?

Sarah: We met on a sunny summer afternoon on a magical boat ride while eating magic mushrooms. We felt this was a good sign, one that could only lead to greatness. Later that day we discovered that we have the same birthday and our fate as a band was sealed.

CrimeIn which ways would you say you are complementing each other regarding your experiences as musicians?

Sarah: I always tell Mika that her hair looks good.

Mika: Once Sarah passed out after half a bottle of Whiskey i’m there to finish the leftovers.

Do you have a division of labor in the project, different kinds of responsibilities?

Mika: besides that i’m the only one drunk driving the car, it’s not really a division rather a multiplication of talents. for example we discovered a very interesting technique of writing lyrics. I start recording vocals in terms of rhythm and melody in some sorta fake fantasy language and sarah is interpreting the mumbly words so we write it down according to the theme of the song we set.

You both are very active protagonists in Berlin’s queer community. Do you think this reflects in the music and lyrics or in the way yo approach your audience?

We see life as a whole and art as being a reflection of what surrounds us on a daily basis. We’re not doing specifically “queer art” just because we’re happen to be queer. But of course if we’re singing about an orgy it’s probably about a queer one.
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Crime is an exciting new queer experimental goth-pop duo from Berlin, consisting of Mika Risiko of Sissters and Scream Club member Sarah Adorable, who started the project last summer. The duo has reached out to the public for the first in September with the beautiful video to their first single “This Party Blows”, followed by an extensive tour through Germany and the Czech Republic in November and December and a couple of additional gigs in Berlin in the last few months. Their latest song “Other Kids Live”, another dark, synth-heavy track, was released a few days ago on Soundcloud and we recommend giving it a listen.
As a contribution to our PICK 5 series Mika and Sarah have send us a commented list of their five favorite videos – an entertaining insight on their influences and interests. We’re especially happy about the video by Los Angeles based artist Jeepneys, who we just recently have stumbled upon, but haven’t managed to feature on the blog yet. For more contributions to our PICK 5 series by artists such as Cakes Da Killa, Alexis Blair Penney or Kool Thing please check out the section’s archive.

1. Harmony Korine – “Act da Fool”

“This theme of us against the world is touching, and the video is filmed in this slow dreamy way that mimics how she describes the pace of their everyday life in a small town. It has this feeling of going nowhere but still living for today and looking to the future. Not to mention these girls are total hot babes. It’s easy to relate to the need of going wild due to stagnation and the inability of coping with the outside world.”

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Catch Fire took note of my queer-feminist radio show right after it started out, which I suppose is what led to me being a contributor around here (very sporadically, I admit). Compiling a transgenre musical selection every month has kept me up to date with the music scene in Berlin (and beyond), and it’s been fulfilling to provide an outlet for women and queer(-friendly) artists who don’t necessarily get a lot of exposure elsewhere.

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+++ Rodeo – Home Run +++

Track from the “Leisure Forever” EP, released on December 3rd via Leonizer Records. Video directed and edited by Black Cracker.

+++ Crime – This Party Blows +++

New band of Mika Risiko (Sissters) and Sarah Adorable (Scream Club). Touring through Germany and the Czech Republic as support of Edie Sedgwick in November and December.

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