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SC+++ Black Cracker: “Chasing Rainbows” +++

Video 2/5 from Black Cracker´s new album “Poster Boy”, out on Gully Havoc March 20th, 2014. Record release party at Prince Charles in Berlin on March 20th, with Black Cracker (live w/ band) + DJ sets by Planningtorock, Stimulus, Tokyo Hands, and more.

+++ Rodeo: “Final Light” +++

From Rodeo‘s Debut LP “All Things Must End” released April 14th, 2014 digitally via Leonizer Records MORE >>>

Next Monday Berlin-based Australian rapper and musician Rodeo will drop her new “Leisure Forever” EP, the artist’s third release via Leonizer Records. Like Rodeo’s previous releases “When It Reigns” and “Sold Me Out” the two-tracks record, which can already be pre-listened to on Soundcloud, is wonderfully catchy, and it comes with a whole bunch of remixes by a great team of remixers. Amongst them are artists such as JD Samson, Rodeo’s Mystic Knights band mate Tusk, Toulouse based producer D.L.i.d and Black Cracker, who has also contributed a couple of rhymes to the EP track “On The Road” and shot the beautiful new video to the synth-hop anthem “Home Run”.
For Catch Fire the Berliner-by-choice has put together a list of her favorite places and things in the city, illustrated by a bunch of photos she sent us, which give a little insight into how she lives and works. (Click here if picture slider doesn’t show, picture on top by Bex Wade)

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+++ Rodeo – Home Run +++

Track from the “Leisure Forever” EP, released on December 3rd via Leonizer Records. Video directed and edited by Black Cracker.

+++ Crime – This Party Blows +++

New band of Mika Risiko (Sissters) and Sarah Adorable (Scream Club). Touring through Germany and the Czech Republic as support of Edie Sedgwick in November and December.

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Over the past few years Brooklyn based photographer, publisher and writer Amos Mac (picture by Elisa Shea) has been doing an amazing job in documenting and pushing forward queer and trans* culture in the US and worldwide. I’ve already posted about Amos’ work as the founder and editor of the wonderful trans guys magazine Original Plumbing and his new Translady Fanzine, this time I want to focus on his colorful and powerful portraits of queer, trans* and gender non-conforming artists, performers and musicians, such as OPM co-founder Rocco Katrastrophe, Cody Critcheloe aka Ssion, the House of Ladosha Crew, Hunx or Black Cracker.
The pictures shown here are only a collection of personal favorites taken from the photographer’s website and his tumblr, where you find many more facets of his work. The one on top of the gallery, a portrait of Cunty Crawford Ladosha, was just recently shown at the exhibition Testimony: A Living Exhibition Of Queer Youth at the Leslie-Lohman Museum of Gay and Lesbian Art in New York. Amos’ latest project is a video campaign entitled “Talk About It”, which seeks to adress adult suicide in the queer community and strengthen the trans community from within.

Cunty Crawford Ladosha by Amos Mac, 2012

Cunty Crawford Ladosha, 2012

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Black Cracker has been making a name for himself over the years, but until recently, mostly amongst the inner circle of an international music community, for example, as a touring member of CocoRosie, working with Bunny Rabbit (which Shannon and Bruno were part of before forming Light Asylum), and collaborating with Swiss jazz ensemble Grand Pianoramix.

But now he’s ready to take the next major step: After just publishing 40 Oz. Elephant, a book of poetry and drawings, he’ll release his debut album Tears Of A Clown on Hinterhaus Records on April 1. Here’s a promo vid, and you can also read an interview with Vice, and check out his tour dates below, including a release party in Berlin at St. Georg on April 6 with Butterclock, Sarah Adorable and many others.

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Sorry dear Facebook-friends for the double-post: Rapper Black Cracker has recently contributed some raps to a bunch of songs of “Smooth Danger”, the upcoming album of the Swiss (post-)jazz duo Grand Pianoramax. The album will be released in late October, you can pre-listen the awesome tracks “Roulette” and “Sleepwalker” on their bandcamp page. After touring with the guys through Europa and India (below you can watch a video of their gig in Mubai), from today on Mr. Cracker will visit Switzerland and Berlin for six solo gigs – you find the tour dates below the video. Still available for free: Black Cracker’s “PreTty Boy Mixtape”.

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Black Cracker aka Celena Glenn is the producer of Bunny Rabbit‘s amazingly weird hipster hip hop album “Lovers And Crypts” (video of the single “Lovers And Crypts” below), which was released in 2007 on Voodoo-EROS, the label of CocoRosie’s Bianca Casady. Last year Bunny Rabbit and Black Cracker split up (they were a couple) and since then Cracker lives in Paris and works on her solo career (Bunny Rabbit is now part of the duo Follower). A big new step into this direction is the PreTty Boy Mixtape, which can be downloaded for free and sounds pretty promising. The “mixtape” is rather some sort of debut album (I suppose it’s something like a “test record”) and consists of 11 pretty straighforward but still kind of rough new tracks. A few days ago The New Gay has posted an interview with Black Cracker about her current status as a solo artist, which actually is the main source for this post, so thanks guys!

Mixtape Download Link

overs And Crypts’