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Archive: Berlin

Berlin based duo EASTER (Stine Omar Midtsaeter and Max Boss) are about to drop their second album this Thursday and will be celebrating the release on at Luzia, Oranienstr 34 in Berlin-Kreuzberg, where they will perform all songs of the new record. The new yet untitled album”The Softest Hard” (prelisten via Bandcamp) is the follow-up to the duo’s heavily synth-based slow-pop debut “Ur A Great Babe”, which was released in July last year. The songs “Rabbit”, “Alien Babies” and “Champagne 121212″, which have been pre-released during the last few weeks came with the beautiful no-budget videos I posted below (for more check out Stine’s YouTube page).
Since the character of EASTER’s music, lyrics and videos is rather intuitive I wanted to avoid doing a formal q&a with the duo and instead send them a couple of words that popped up in my head while I did my research. Here are Stine’s associations:

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