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+++ San Francisco based duo Matmos are releasing their new “The Ganzfeld EP” in October, you can already pre-order it on CD, LP and in different limited edition packages via Thrill Jockey. The opening track “Very Large Green Triangles (Edit)” is already online and can be downloaded for free:

+++ Red Hot Organisation, the non-profit company who produced the Dark Was The Night compilation and more than 15 other albums aiming to raise awareness and money to fight AIDS/HIV, has a new project: On Kickstarter they are raising funding for a new Arthur Russell tribute compilation entitled This is how we walk on the moon. Featured artists will be a whole bunch of nice pop acts such Twin Shadow, Washed Out, José González, Robyn, Hot Chip, Nico Muhly + Owen Pallett, Cut Copy and many others. You can donate here.

+++ Berlin based artist Nikolaj Tange Lange (see picture on top) has just released a new album with his synth-punk project Nuclear Family. “Crime” is now available via Bandcamp (limited picture LP/digital). You can stream the record here right here and/or check out Tange Lange’s YouTube page to see the first three videos that were made as additional material.

+++ Kids On TV have a new video to their song “Poison”, a collaboration with Isabelle Noel / SIQUEMU. The strack was originally featured on the bands Shape-Shifting Mutants EP and will be part of the new album Pantheon, which is due September 4. The video was directed by Roxanne Luchark.

In 1986 Arthur Russell released an EP with three funky summerly versions of his song “Let’s Go Swimming”, the last song of his album “World Of Echo”. The EP included three (undanceable dance) remixes of the song, two of them by Russell plus the legendary “Costal Dub” version by his musical partner in crime Walter Gibbons, who also directed a video to it (see below). The EP will now be re-released in a remastered version by Audika Records, a label completely devoted to Russells work. It comes as a limited 12″ vinyl and on CD (including with a poster) and will not only contain all three mixes, but also a previously unreleased 11-minute keyboard funk version of the evergreen ”Make 1, 2″. The EP is out next week, you can pre-order it via Audika and stream samples of the mixes on Amazon.

Matt Wolf, director of the Arthur Russell documentary “Wild Combination”, is currently working on a new documentary called “Teenage”. The film is based on the book “Teenage: The Creation of Youth Culture 1875-1945″ by writer and music journalist Jon Savage (not the gay rights blogger guy) from 2007, a history on early youth culture in western societies and and its impact on them. On its nicely designed website the documentary is introduced as an “unconventional historical film (…), bringing to life fascinating youth from the early 20th century—from party-crazed Flappers and hipster Swing Kids to brainwashed Nazi Youth and frenzied Sub-Debs”, that will be finished in 2012. Here’s a first teaser:

Film Website

Matt Wolf Website

“Last Adress” is a short film made in remembrance of artists from New York that have died of AIDS through the last 30 years. The film shows the houses, appartments and lofts in which people like Félix Gonzáles-Torres, Arthur Russell, Jack Smith, Robert Mapplethorpe or Klaus Nomi lived at the time of their deaths. You also find short portraits of all these artists on the beautifully designed website of the film which is worth visiting. Thanks, Aykan!

+++ As already announced, Xiu Xiu’s Jamie Stewart and Shearwater’s Jonathan Meiburg have recorded a record together under the name Blue Water White Death. The self-titled debut album of the duo is due October 12. Here’s the folky album track “Song for the Greater Jihad” (via Pitchfork):

Blue Water White Death: “Song for the Greater Jihad” +++

+++ ”Ballad of the Lights”, a collaboration between Arthur Russell and Allen Ginsberg from 1977 will be released via Press Pop (10″ vinyl) and Audika (digital version) on October 19th. The cover you can see on top is designed by Sea and Cake’s Archer Prewitt. More information about the release on Pitchfork.

+++ Owen Pallett is releasing his new E.P. “A Swedish Love Story” on September 28th via Domino. Here’s one of the new songs of the E.P. called “A Man With No Ankles” (via Stereogum)

Owen Pallett – “A Man With No Ankles”

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Four Songs By Arthur Russell” was released in August 2007.
Original version here.

Another event announcement for the Berliners: The german magazine De:Bug has invited Tim Lawrence, the author of “Love Saves the Day”, a history of disco culture, to read from his Arthur Russell biography “Hold On To Your Dreams”, which has been released in Autumn 2009. Lawrence is senior lecturer at the University of East London and also a member of the “Lucky Cloud Sound System”, which organises a quarterly parties hosted by dance legend David Mancuso (the next one called “Journey Through the Light” will take place in in September). The event will take place this Friday (07/23) at basso, the reading is supposed to start at 10 and will be followed by a DJ set of Daniel Wang and Finn Johannes. Check out the De:Bug website for their interview with Tim Lawrence (introdcution in German, interview in English) for their current disco feature.


The British Label Electric Minds is releasing a record called “A Tribute To Arthur Russell – Go Bang” on Monday. The label’s info sheet tells us that for the album “several modern day producers have carefully picked out key elements of his songs whilst recording entirely new and up to date songs.” I must admit that I’m a little bit sceptical about this idea after seeing great musicians like Tracey Thorn and and Jens Lekman fail trying to cover monsieur. And the reinterpretations of the tribute album that can already be listened to on the MySpace pages of contributing artists such as Yam Who? and (“Waxing The Van”) and Faze Action (“Get Around To It”) don’t really convince me. Nevertheless I’m looking forward to the versions of Max Essa, New Young Pony Club and a tribute band called “Killer Whale”. The album launch party takes place on Novermber 27th at The Relentless Garage, London (Line up  above). It’s a rare opportunity to see a screening of  Matt Wolf’s “Wild Combiantion”. And finally here’s a cute fan video I always wanted to post on this blog but never did. Finally I’ve got a reason.

+++ Queer HipHop artist Katastrophe‘s new album “The Worst Amazing” is now out on 307 Knox Records. The four songs that can be streamed on his website sound pretty good. You can also download the song “Tonight” here or visit his Myspace page (Via Think Pink Radio) +++

+++ Karin Dreijer Andersson aka Fever Ray has put together a downloadable Helloween mix for Resident Advisor. You only have to become a member of the site (for free) +++

+++ A previously unreleased beautiful acoustic folk song by Arthur Russell from the 70ies called “Come To Live” can be streamed on Gorilla vs. Bear. You find the song on a split seven inch that also features CANT aka Chris Taylor (Grizzly Bear) +++

+++  SSion, a music collective from Kansas City that is supporting the Gossip on their gigs in Europe at the moment has recently released a movie called “Boy”.  The trailer can now be watched on their Youtube channel. Or here (via BigStereo):


By accident I just found out that there’s a nice new song and a new video by MEN featuring the Manhattan gay wrestling club “Metro Wrestling”. The video is directed by Matt Wolf, who (if it really is the same guy) also shot this documentary “Wild Combination” about Arthur Russell. Nice.