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Archive: Alex Anwandter

Thanks to everyone who took part in our poll for the best music video 2012! I’m happy to announce that the winner of the award is artist Alex Anwandter with his beautiful video to his single “Cómo puedes vivir contigo mismo?”, which got more than 70% of the votes: A clear result, which shows that Alex has a strong fan base in his home-country Chile and around the world. To get a little more information about the video, which was shot in a club in Santiago, I’ve done a little Q&A with Alex in which he speaks about the background of the song’s lyrics and the idea behind the clip. Here’s the interview:

As far as I know the lyrics of the song are responding to a brutal crime against a gay man in Chile, which happend recently. How does the video relate to this?

That’s somehow inaccurate. The lyrics are based on a personal experience of mine: someone was passing judgement on me and the lyrics are about how certain types of folk go through life doing this, judging others. As I wrote the lyrics, however, I realized that they worked well as a metaphor for discrimination (“Even though they say it’s a sin, I feel like I’m in heaven” goes one line), especially towards sexual minorities.

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Another really nice song and video I found on the Iberoamerican pop blog club fonograma. Alex Anwandter is based in Santiago de Chile, his single “Cómo Puedes Vivir Contingo Mismo?” (“How can you live with yourself”) and the album “Rebeldes” were released last year on the artist’s label 5PM. The lyrics of the song deal with brutal murder of a young gay man called Daniel Zamudio, who was killed by neo-Nazis. The murder sent a shockwave throughout the country, Zamudio family revealed to the media that Anwandter had been his favorite artist. With the beautiful new video shot at a bar in Santiago (which is anything else but shocking), another homage to voguing culture as shown in “Paris is Burning”, the song has a real potential to spread around the world. You can currently download the song together with two nice remixes on Anwandter’s website. If you want to stream the whole album click on “Home”.