Start Sketching Fashion Designs With No Skills

Sketching Fashion Designs

In fashion, great designs begin in handmade sketches. Before cutting and sewing on the fabric, you need to have a figure drawing for fashion design. It is not necessary to draw a realistic figure; the sketch is a guide that will help designers show how their creations will be.

You can add color and details like buttons, seams, and lace. Your designs come alive, and you can see how it will look on the fabric.

To start drawing the sketch, you must have the right pencil. The best ones to make the strokes are the H, which will allow you to erase without marking the sheet easily. You must have different types of figure models the best are the body kun mannequins, a good eraser and the paper must be thick. With these few materials, you will make your sketch look good.


If you are a beginner and you do not have the correct pencils, you can start making your drawings with pencils number 2. You have to be careful of sharpening the pencil on the sheet so that it is not marked. It is not advisable to use a pen because if you make a mistake, you will not be able to erase it.

Experts recommended that you have ink, punctures, markers to color your creations. If you are new to the subject and do not have the necessary skills, you must follow certain steps that will make your job easier.

In fashion, the designers lengthen the proportions of the body to better present the models. In art, designers measure the proportions of the body in heads. The basic proportions of the fashion figure are approximately 1 / 4-1 / 2 of heads. Each designer adds their style to the procedure.

Materials Needed To Draw A Fashion Design Sketch

There are a few materials that you will need to start with your fashion design drawing. You will only need the following materials:

  • Pencil
  • Draft
  • A drawing pad
  • Rule (if you want to be precise)

Steps To Draw Fashion Designs

Do you want to create a fashion design drawing, but you are a beginner and do not know where to start? The following steps will help you, and you can make an excellent sketch:

  • Step 1: Decide A Pose For Your Sketch Or Fashion Figure

The first thing to think about is how you want your model to look. It must be a pose that helps you highlight the clothes and accessories you want to put on. You can perform your figure in any position you can stand, sit, or crouch.

For beginners, experts recommended that you start with the most common and simple figures, which are the ones standing or walking. With this type of sketch, you can show all your design see this workflow example:

  • Step 2: Draw A Balance Or Balanced Line

This line refers to the first line you make of your drawing. The line that represents the center of gravity of the figure or model. Designers draw the balance line from the neck to the feet.

This balance line is always straight so that the figure inclines to its position. You should not show a proportional figure because you are going to show clothing, and it is also a beginner.

  • Step 3: Draw The Head Of Your Figure

After drawing the balance line, you must draw an oval that will be the head of your model. This will be the basis of your figure or sketch and from there. Your drawing will begin; this will be the skeleton of your figure for fashion design.

Draw a large circle at the top and a smaller circle below it. Then you must join these 2 with diagonal lines that are slightly rounded.

Remember that it is beginning; you should not worry about drawing the features of the face.

  • Step 4: Draw The Pelvis Area

In this step, you must draw a square or a circle on different sides of the balance line, heading to where the pelvis of your figure would be. It depends on the size you draw. It will be the width of your figure. If you want your model to be thin, you must draw a small circle.

If you want your model to be this normal stop, you must place the square straight. Depending on the pose you want your figure to have, you have to tilt the circle or square to the right or left.

  • Step 5: Draw The Upper Body

You should extend the lines from the head to the torso. These marks are where the shoulders, bust, waist, hip, and crotch will go. The torso should extend upward and bend inward at the waist part and extend again at the shoulder part.

You should keep in mind that the shoulders should be the same width as the hip.

The shoulders on a woman should be 1½ heads wide, the waist should be one head wide, and the hip should be one ¼ head wide. With these proportions, the figure will be shaped like an hourglass and will look like the images of magazine models.

  • Step 6: Draw The Bottom Of The Fashion Figure

In this step, you should draw your figure drawing for fashion design legs, knees, and ankles. The legs are the longest part of the body; they have a length of approximately four heads. Many fashion designers exaggerate the height of their figures and draw longer legs

You should draw the legs making lines that narrow or curl as the leg forms. To draw the calves, you must make a cylindrical figure, curving the lines from the knees and decrease until you reach the ankles.

The thighs from the hip to the knee and the calves from the knee to the ankles must be the same length.

  • Step 7: Draw The Feet, Arms, And Hands

You must finish your figure by drawing the feet; these begin at the ankle and are narrow. You can draw them as elongated triangles; try to be the same length as the head.

To draw the arms, you must follow the same procedure as the legs; you must decrease the width until you reach the wrists.

Remember to make them longer than the torso to achieve a more stylized look. The last thing you will draw in your fashion design sketch will be the hands and fingers.


After completing your fashion design figure, it is time to illustrate your design and draw the clothes.

You can put movement on clothes by drawing waves on the body and drawing lace.

You can finish your sketch of model figures for fashion design by adding shadows and colors.