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Christopher Schulz is the inventor and maker of Pinups magazine. “Seth”, his book with fictional drawings of Canadian actor Seth Rogen, whom Schulz describes as his “ideal Pinups model” in this nice interview with Future Shipwreck, was released in February.  In another interview with New York Press he explained the project like this: “I wanted the book to be something entirely different [than Pinups]. By drawing again, I kind of returned to a past love from which I’d been far removed over the years… So, when I decided to give it a go with drawing, I really embraced and enjoyed working with raw materials again. It was liberating in many ways. I wanted this book to embody these feelings: I had it printed on this rough paper and I hand wrote, in pencil, the copyright info on the front and back pages. But, of course, I had it digitally scanned and reproduced for the final product”. You can buy a copy of  “Seth” on the on the Pinups website. And if you have a little spare time I also recommend Schulz’s fabulously weird porn collages on his “Mopping is Stealing” tumblr.

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+++ Light Asylum: “A Certain Person” (“In Tension”-EP out via Mexican Summer) +++

+++ The Hidden Cameras – “Do I Belong” (10th birthday show in London tonight, Pet Shop Boys remix of “Colour Of A Man here)

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Recently celebrated with a retrospective at the TIFF Cinematheque in Toronto, Canada, Portuguese filmmaker João Pedro Rodrigues is undeniably one of the most distinctive and innovative queer voices in cinema today.

In his youth Rodrigues wanted to be an ornithologist, but from the age of 15 ended up spending much of his time in the cinema. “My desire to make films came from watching films,” Rodrigues states, “and I learned to make films from watching films.” While he started studying biology, he made the move to film school as his passion grew, and his films exhibit these odd-couple origins: they have a certain clinical or analytical gaze married with a deep love of artifice and fantasy.

Rodrigues was particularly drawn to silent cinema – Erich von Stroheim, DW Griffith, Charlie Chaplin – and to the work of French postwar director Robert Bresson. “But,” Rodrigues cautions, “when I’m making a film I try to get rid of all my influences, because I don’t want to make films as this director or that director did, I try to find my own language.” Indeed Rodrigues’s films seem steeped in his devotion to cinema and its rich, century-old history, but rather than merely referencing the past, they build something utterly new from this foundation.

Fascinated by the extreme lengths that people will go to indulge their desires and pursue their obsessions, Rodrigues directed his first feature film, O Fantasma, in 2000. It follows Sergio, a brooding garbage man as he cruises the streets in the dead of night. Shot primarily in the dark, with only an ambient soundtrack, the film is suffused with a listless and violently narcissistic sexuality. Hunky Sergio is perpetually masturbating or fucking, but he is incapable of otherwise relating to people and remains trapped in a crippling solitude. He is virtually a beast, sniffing or licking furiously like some kind of nympho bloodhound. Increasingly frustrated by the un-conquerability of a man he encounters and then stalks throughout the film, Sergio dons a black, full-body rubber suit, transforming himself into an anonymous, post-human stain (or maybe a giant, shimmering black dildo). After kidnapping and brutalizing his prey, this creature flees to the edge of town, drinking from dirty puddles in a post-apocalyptic landfill straight out of Pier Paolo Pasolini’s Teorema or Porcile.

After this striking debut, Rodrigues became interested in “how to make a melodrama nowadays in Portugal with things that I’m connected to.” Drawing on Hollywood directors from the 1950s like Douglas Sirk and Vincente Minnelli, as well as art filmmakers like Rainer Werner Fassbinder (who revisited the melodrama genre in 1970s Germany), he directed the equally daring and darkly Romantic Odete (AKA Two Drifters), 2005, about Odete, a woman haunted by her gay neighbour Pedro after he dies in a car accident. The film plays out as a post-mortem love triangle of sorts: through their shared love for the song “Moon River” and their languorous kiss that opens the film, Pedro is eternally bound to his boyfriend Rui, so it is only natural that Pedro would find himself reincarnated – in Odete’s body.

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The Queer Zine Archive Project, an online archive based in Milwaukee and run by a group of 6 anonymous people since 2003, is collecting queer zines from the last three decades and making them available online for free. I really recommend spending some time over there, since it’s a a really entertaining lesson in queer history full of real treasures such as a all issues of J.D., the legendary queercore zine by G.B. Jones and Bruce LaBruce from the late eightis/early nineties or hilarious zines by Vaginal Davis, such as “Evil Taco” or “Yes, Mrs. Davis”. They also have an “Calls For Submission” section in case you have you’re own zine and still search for contributiors or want to publish your own stuff.

Here are a couple of my favourite covers of zines you can find in the archive, starting with my favourite one, the cover of the 4th issue of the “Queer Fuckers Magazine” from Salt Lake City, Utha, published in 1992. For mor of them click here:

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Good news via Facebook: SSION’s new record “BENT” is now free:
(scroll down over there)

Azari & III is an exciting new Detroit/early 90ies house/acid tribute project from Toronto, consisting of producer/musicians Dinamo Azari and Alixander III and vocalists Fritz Helder and Starving Yet Full. Their debut album “Reckless” was supposed to be released on Modular on June 29, but at the moment it seems like the release will be delayed – the quartet has just announced that their new single “Maniac” (stream below) will be released on August 7 and that the official UK release of the album will be on August 11 -> looks like this is the acutal release date.

“Reckless” will bring together new stuff with a couple of already-released tracks from the past months, such as “Manhooker” (that has seemd to pop out on YouTube out of nowhere in January last year) and their singles “Into The Night” (titel track of their EP via Turbo from autumn, video below) and “Hungry For The Power”, which especially got known because it’s video by filmmaker George Vale was banned from YouTube for some time (posted below as well).

Check out this latest press text for the guys tour plans and this Facebook page if you live in London and want to be part of the “Reckless” release gig in early August. I also recomment downloading the Azari & III FACT mixtape if you want to know more about where the band is coming from musically and this nice interview with the guys featured in the current issue of the awesome ‘SUP Magazine. From the ‘SUP website I stole the gorgeous picture on top by the way, I hope they’ll forgive me. It was taken by Petra Collins.

Pictures by + via Team Peter Stigter. Please check out their website for the whole collection.

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From Sylvester’s self-titled solo debut (produced by Motown / Mavin Gaye producer Harvey Fuqua). You should also check out the TV One documentary “Unsung” which can be found on the same YouTube account (unfortunately the quality is pretty bad) as well as the other nicely commented Sylvester classics posted there.

Novo Novus Productions is a busy little multi-media production company based in New York City that produces both films and web series dealing with the everyday-life of LBGT people of color. Their most successful production so far is the internet show “Drama Queen, an on-going comedy series about the lives of three friends and roommates called Jeremiah, Davis, Preston. Here’s the trailer for the third season which is to start soon. You can watch all episodes of the previous seasons on the show’s website.

I also strongly recommend the new Novo Novus docu series “Fade In” (see still on top), which portraits homeless queers of color. Here’s the first episode of the series which has been released in May:

You should also check out the Novo Novus website for the trailers of the guy’s current film productions “Boys Like You” and “Where Truth Lies”. WTL will be presented at the HomoHarlem FilmSeries at the Schomburg Center For Research In Black Culture, NYC along with a new teaser for the third season of “Drama Queenz” and the second episode of “Fade In”. If you’re from New York and want to see this package hurry up because the event will start in just a few hours.

The new issue of Mary: A Literary Quarterly is out today!  The New York-based publication curates new work from queer writers and aims to “lay bare the lives of the seemingly disparate communities of queers, sissies, activists, “straight-acting”/appearing men who have sex with men, daddies, punks, tops, cubs, pigs, bangee queens, twinks, romantics and head cases.”   Though honestly it’s worth getting for the cover alone.  You can buy it online from the Mary website, and at selected bookstores (check the “buy the magazine” section for details.)

Artist Kathryn Garcia and curator Sarvia Jasso, both from LA and based in NYC, are seeking contributions to help make their project a reality: ‘Queering Sex’ — if it reaches its fundraising goal — will exhibit performance and video work from artists dealing with gender and sexuality, proposing the question: What does it mean to be “queer” nowadays? At a time when many homosexuals are adopting assimilation as a political move, and when a thin, able-bodied hetero white woman is the poster child for transgression, it’s a question worth asking. Visit their Kickstart page to make a donation.

Berlin’s sports-jersey-and-sequin-wearing Snax recorded a new track titled “Gratitude” and is offering it as a free gift for fans — You can stream and download it via SoundCloud:

Gratitude by snax

You can also pre-order his new 12″ titled Special Guest Remix, with housey versions of two cuts from his most recent album. “Special Guest Star” gets a smooth, throbbing makeover by Sven Brede (AKA Toxic Twin), while “The Spark” gets reworked by The Rimshooters (AKA Massimiliano Pagliara, featured here last week, and his cohort Rotciv). It’s quite a nice package: The 12″ vinyl also comes with a CD of the full Special Guest Star album slipped inside, and once you order you get an instant download of the maxi’s tracks, plus a bonus download-only remix by Damir Bojanic:

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