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Watch It Online: “The Queen” – Rare Drag Documentary from 1968


“The Queen” by director Frank Simon is a documentary about the 1967 New-York Miss All-American Drag Beauty Pageant. The contestants of the competition are drag queens from all over the US, competing in disciplinces like walking, talking, bathing suit, makeup and hairdo. The film is now online on YouTube, a great way to pass the time until tonight’s season 6 premiere of RuPaul’s Drag Race.

Sleazy Beats

Bildschirmfoto 2014-02-24 um 20.31.53After the quick demise of Witch House and Sea-Punk’s losing its popularity, the deliberately trashy, overly emotional and teenage-y face of underground electronic music has surfaced. The new sub-genre combines an attitude of 90′s boy bands and Mariah Carey-y heartbrokenness, inspiration from adolescent love stories, video/computer/console games, basketball courts, imagery of tribal tattoos, roses and modified cars with processed or auto-tuned vocals and hip hop/dance music with strong ambient undertones and sometimes with a Latin American take.

Here is our picks of love-hurt boys and girls:


Palmistry is a South London-based producer, who has worked with Triad God on his previous and upcoming releases. “Catch” is his first solo release from Mixpak Records.


E+E is a producer from Los Angeles releasing independently on Bandcamp.


Member of Gravity Boys, Yung Sherman hails from Stockholm.


Not obscure at all, but WeDidIt Collective producers Shlohmo and Jeremih quite often answer to our description. “No More” is their freshly released collaboration.


Forest is a mysterious (at least for now) producer. There is not much information available about them apart from their Youtube channel and Tumblr blog.


ECCO2K and Alóegarten are also members of Stockholm based Gravity Boys.


Paris/Berlin based, bandana-bedecked o F F Love has a distinct ghostly and melancholic sound.


Merely from Gothenburg and Sun Angels from London meet on this dance track rework.

Spokenword Champions Denise Jolly & Sonya Renee (Thurs 13 Feb)

Denise Jolly and Sonya Renee are two champion spokenword artists and activists now visiting Europe (dates below). On Thursday 13 February in Berlin, they will have a workshop @ 1730 at Waterloo-Ufer. That same night, Lady Gaby hosts a night of spoken word and poetry with both as special guests.

WORD BANK, the spokenword performance show presents: DENISE JOLLY & SONYA RENEE
Thursday 13 February @ 21:00
Schloss Neuschweinsteiger
Emser Str. 122/123, 12051 Neukölln, Berlin

Denise Jolly Be Beautiful ProjectDenise Jolly is the founder of the Be Beautiful Project, a 30 day visual and public art project that received major international coverage including Huffington Post and Global News Canada.  She is currently the 5th ranked female performance poet worldwide. Denise has taught, performed, and hosted in a wide range of organizations including universities, community centers, and private/public schools. She has also demonstrated a passion and skill for working with student populations and was a past Executive Director of Youth Speaks Seattle. She likes doing great things with amazing people and being moved by art, community and how the two work together.

Sonya Renee The Body Is Not An ApologySonya Renee believes in the life-shifting power of art; its ability to challenge, engage, and heal the human spirit. She is an author, educator, and queer activist who has mesmerized audiences across three continents as well as in prisons, mental health treatment facilities, homeless shelters, universities, and public schools. In 2011, a terribly frightening act of posting a profile picture of herself in a saucy black corset turned into an empowering unapologetic act of self-love. This founded the international movement The Body is Not An Apology which is transforming people’s relationships with themselves worldwide and attracts attention from publications like New York Magazine.

Denise and Sonya are additionally performing at the following cities:


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Jay Boogie: “6 Speed” (Video)


Song produced by The SHRNK, video directed and edited by Ursula Mann.
Full album stream of “Pretty Spitta” here, interview here.

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“Nefandus Trilogy” by Carlos Motta at International Film Festival Rotterdam (Teaser)


We’ve already featured artist, activist and filmmaker Carlos Motta here in early 2012 when we posted about his wonderful web-based project “We Who Feel Differently”. His most recent work is the “Nefandus Trilogy”, a series of short films from 2013, which reflect on the way colonialism in South American condemed and punished sexual acts that were seen as “sodomy” based on a Christian moral system. The three films entitled “Nefandus”, “Naufragios” (Shipwreck), and “La visión de los vencidos” (The Defeated) all have a very contemplative approach, combining footage recorded during a trip to the Don Diego river in Northern Colombia and to Lisbon, with spoken text based on historical documents.
Tonight and during the upcoming weekend the triology will be shown the first time as part of the short film program of the Rotterdam Film Festival and after a preview of the films I strongly recommend going there if you have the possibility. There’s no trailer for the whole project, but the festival provides an excerpt from the “Nefandus” short film, which gives a first impression of what this is all about. For more information please check out the artist’s website, the website of the IFFR, where you can also purchase tickets.

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Secrets of the Living Dolls

secrets of the living dolls

At the beginning of the new year, Channel 4 of UK broadcasted the programme called “Secrets of the Living Dolls”, exploring the world of “female maskers”; men dressing in elaborate body suits and masks to transform themselves into female dolls. The programme deals with the female masking community from the aspects of individuals’ and their families’ and friends’ approach to the concept, social concerns, notion of beauty as well as the emerged family business of manufacturing a second skin for female maskers all over the world.

The way the interviewees are approached and the remarks in response, however, raised a lot of controversy especially as to whether the programme was serving to heighten awareness about trans issues or undermining the whole process.


Dominique, who is featured in an extra of “Secrets of the Living Dolls”, remarks: “For people to realise that this beautiful, big white woman is really a black man is really… mind-blowing!” Another interviewee, Joel, discusses his masking and coming out to his friends along with his girlfriend.

“Secrets of the Living Dolls” can be streamed on the Channel 4 website (UK only) along with two extra interviews. Shorter clips or the entire documentary is available on Youtube and other more or less legal streaming portals for viewers outside the UK.

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Music Ticker: ATMA, Jay Boogie, sean360x


+++ ATMA is Jane Arnison aka Jon Dark, member of the Berlin based band Kool Thing. The band is currently working on new songs for the follow-up to their wonderful self-titled debut, and all members will be releasing new material from their side-projects in the next few months. Jane does the start with a beautiful self-recorded and produced 5-track-EP “Remedy in Motion” entitled out Jan 28th via Mad Dog & Love. The lead single “Roses” is as athmosperic and longing as the whole record and can already be streamed and downloaded. If you like the vibe as much as I do you can already pre-order the whole thing it via Bandcamp.

+++ I discovered hip hop artist Jay Boogie through the latest issue of BDGRMMR magazine, which we posted about last Wednesday (click here or see below). I highly recommend his 7-track album/EP “Pretty Spitta”, which was released late December on Jay’s Bandcamp page is described as “The sound of struggle, beauty, pain. Sex, spiritualism, opulence and self-awareness.” I have nothing to add here, except for that you can stream the whole thing here, to buy it click on “download”:

+++ sean360x is based in Paris and does very jazzy, intimate soul music with a wonderfully releaxed, funky vibe and a the right amount of creative chaos. His song “je ne sais quoi (know not)” was released in November last year as part of on the EP “one” and now comes with a nice split-screen-heavy video, which according to the YouTube info text shows the artist “embracing the uncertainties of life for 3 years through ritual and symbolism in the jenga of Paris, Haiti, New Orleans, & Alphabet City”. Check it out:

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Leigh Bowery to Sue Tilley, 1994


via Sang Bleu

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BAD GRAMMAR: New Issue “Execution” feat. Jay Boogie & Tigga Calore

ExecutionWe’ve already introduced you to the agenda and the history of BAD GRAMMAR aka BDGRMMR in early 2013 in conjunction with a showcase of the zine at the queer pop-up book shop BGSQD. If you missed it check out the full story told by BDGRMMR editor Justin Allen here. The fourth BDGRMMR issue entitled “Execution” is now out and features an interview with MC Jay Boogie and an interview-based portrait of house artist Tigga Calore. The combination is especially interesting since both artists are based in New York City and grew up there, and both of them were influenced by the ballroom scene and share their perspective on it.

You can check out the “Execution” issue right here, for issues 1-3 please visit the BDGRMMR ISSUU page. I also highly recommend their tumblr.


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New Photo Series by Daisuke Nakashima

Photographer Daisuke Nakashima, whose wonderful work we’ve already featured here in November 2011, has send us a another beautiful series of pictures taken in the past months. Most of them are part of a body of work entitled “fluorescence”, which explores surfaces and textures of different kinds – especially the human skin. For more of Daisuke’s work please visit his website. You also find a pretty recent video interview with him by VICE Japan on YouTube.





MORE >>>

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10 Days left to Support Brown Girls Burlesque

browngirlsburlesqueBrooklyn based collective Brown Girls Burlesque is looking for fundings to finance their activities in 2014. You have 10 days to help them reach their goal of raising 18.000$ to cover expenses for a new stage production like a producer, stage decor, salaries for the artists, travel expenses, marketing etc.. You can support the BGB now via Kickstarter. Below you find the campaign video as well as a second teaser videos, more of their work can be found on YouTube and Vimeo.

Kickstarter link

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“Zero One Zero – The story of Cybersissy and BayBjane” (Trailer)

startseite“This 90-minutes long documen-tale tells a true story about a most unique friendship, about survival at the edge of society and about the final triumph over mishaps and obstacles that seemed to have one marked for a life in the shadows.

It follows a portion of the lives of 33-year-old Maroccaine-German Mourad and 48-year-old Dutch Antoine, two drag-performers, better known as CYBERSISSY and BAYBJANE, two otherworldly spirits, who light up the stages of the international party-circuit with their boundless creativity and their well calculated freakish-ness.”

In German cinemas since Thursday. For a list of the cinemas check out the film’s website.

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