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Junksista is a new electrotrash artist who coos smutty lyrics with a German accent over thick, fuzzy beats (think Garbage and Simian Mobile Disco), plus she’s got an impeccable Cyndi Lauper tattoo. Her digital EP from earlier this year was just given a CD release with two new tracks, retitled (C)LICK ME XXXtended and available thru her site. Check the video for “Fruits”, a sexy reminder to get your 5 A Day:

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Toronto R&B enigma’s The Weeknd have finally dropped an official video.

The single, “The Knowing”, is off their first release of the year, House Of Balloons (Download from their website)

Look out for their next record, tentatively titled Echo Of Silence, to drop before the end of the year.

Andrea Cammarosano is an italian-born, Antwerp trained fashion designer. He studied fashion design and tailoring in Florence before and then continued and graduated from the  Royal Academy in Antwerp in 2008. Ever since he gained experience by working as Walter van Beirendonck’s assistant, doing menswear design and accessories design. He now lives and works between Antwerp and San Francisco.
“East West Home Best” is Andrea’s second commercial collection (the first one being “I’m A Monster” ).

In the period of February until May 2011, Andrea was hosted and sponsored by the Rijksacademie in Amsterdam as an artist in residency, this was when the collection got realized. The collection was inspired by his first trips to California in 2010, it is built around a fictional character which he calls “the Beauty Rancher”, a mix between a cowboy and a geisha.

Along with a collection of garments he also created sculptures, which is a recurring element in his work. At the end of his residency in Amsterdam he did a performance to present the collection. Squeezed in the wooden sculptures, he cooked and arranged plates with his favourite food (eggs) for a model whom wore different garments from the collection. The set was decorated with tablecloths and flower arrangements (read: tullips in protein powder pots).

East West Home Best will be on sale next spring in MAC / Modern Appealing Clothing (San Francisco), (London), RA (Paris) and in Antwerp at WalterStore. Andrea is currently working on AW 2013. Check out his website for more information and images!

American Horror Story is a pretty interesting new horror/drama series that premiered few months ago on cable channel FX in the States. The show centers on the Harmon family who moves into a restored mansion in Los Angeles, unaware that the house is haunted by it’s previous owners.

Sounds campy, yes, but it is also sexy and scary at the same time. I hadn’t really thought about writing about the show, until I watched the episode “Rubber Man” (S01E08). In previous episodes we have seen glimpses of the houses previous owners; a gay couple played by Zachary Quinto (who recently came out in the New York Magazine) and Teddy Sears, but in this episode we learn to know more about their history.

The show also features magnificent Jessica Lange and Frances Conroy from HBO’s Six Feet Under, of which American Horror Story slightly resembles.

The artist initiative Überflug Berlin is presenting a group exhibition named “SOLO – A Group Effort” at a new art space called Engels, ehich will open tomorrow. It will show “works about one man, by many artists”, which I suppose means that it is focused on portraits. Amongst the featured artists are a whole bunch of interesting queer photographers such as Paul Mpagi Sepuya (see first picture below), Cathal O’Brien (who shoot pictures for the new Kele E.P. “The Hunter”) or Jay Barry Matthews (see second picture below). Check out the flyer above for the for the complete list of artists and the Facebook page of the exhibition for links to their websites.
Exhibition opening is tomorrow, Friday 25.11.11, 7pm at Engels, Herrfurthstr.21 (live music by Stella Veloce and M.E.S.H.). It will run until the December 16.

Paul Mpagi Sepuya: Jay, desktop, October 21 (2011)

Jay Barry Matthews: Are You My Mother, Alex (2011)

About a month ago San Francisco based director Travis Mathews has presented the Berlin episode of his “In Their Room” project at this year’s Porn Film Festival. The movie, which interlaces a couple of very private and portraits of gay Berliners and their dating- and sex life, will be released in Germany via Edition Salzgeber this winter. The DVD will also feature the San Francisco episode and a couple of short solo portraits made in conjunction with this first project. I’ve interviewed Travis for the latest issue of Salzgeber’s sissy magazine, which will be out next week. Here’s the english version of the conversation, which goes back until the very beginnings of Travis’ work as a director. The second part, in which we talked about his new movie “I Want Your Love” (Trailer here) will be published here as well as soon as the movie is out.

Your movies all have interesting stories about how they came to live. Tell me a little bit about these backgrounds, maybe we could start with the San Francisco episode of “In Their Room”. It was a collaboration with BUTT magazine, wasn’t it?

Basically it was winter 2009 and I had been doing documentary stuff for quite a while and was really putting all of my energy into getting back into film after I had left it for a while to pursue being a psycho therapist. I read a posting on BUTT’s blog where they were curating some videos for the Ace Hotel in Palms Springs or LA or something. I had a pretty short amount of time to try and come up with something to submit for this thing. So the idea of “In Their Room” came together – I shot a couple of people not really knowing what I was doing or what the template was going to be for it. But soon it became really clear to me how I could put it together as a piece with different men linked together. So I did that and submitted it to BUTT.

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“Choreographer Mehmet Sander is captured on 16 mm film performing “Single Space” in Los Angeles, CA 1994. Choreographed and performed by Mehmet Sander. Produced and directed by Peter Etnoyer. Cinematography by Dana Gonzales. Special thanks to the Zanuck Company for lights and equipment.”

Via DIS Magazine (check it out for more performances of Sander’s dance company and a little documentary about him).
Mehmet Sander’s CV on

+++ Snax has just published a pretty depressing article on the Huffington Post about the homophobic and racist reactions to the video of song “It’s Time To Get Paid” (a collaboration with Yo!Majesty member Shunda K). Read it here. Germans can watch the video here.

+++ The mysterious Manchester group No Ceremony have remixed Patrick Wolf’s “Time Of My Life”. You can stream and download the song here (via Snipe London). I also recommend the download of their lastest single “Wearme” on their homepage (via Joey).

+++ Catch Fire contributor Joey Hansom and his friend and DJ partner Dickey Doo have remixed “Dark Allies” by Light Asylum. You can stream it here and download it via Altered Zones.

+++ CSS have just released the video for their latest Single “City Grrrl” feat. SSION from their album “La Liberation” (cover on top). You find two free remixes of the song by MEN and Teeth on

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Between 1987 and 1990 artist Felix Gonzalez-Torres made an edition of 3 plus 1 artist’s proof of “Untitled” (Perfect Lovers)”, which consists of a identical pair of store-bought black-rimmed clocks. The piece was dedicated to his lover Ross Laycock, who died of an AIDS-related illness in 1991. In the same year Gonzalez-Torres created a white version of the work, which is owned by the MoMa, New York. The guidelines regarding how the work should be arranged and displayed are the following: “When installed, the two clocks were to touch; the clocks could be replaced with white plastic commercial clocks of similar dimensions and design; the minute and second hands were to be set in sync, with the understanding that eventually they might go out of sync during the course of the exhibition; if one of the clocks needed the batteries replaced, it was to be done, and the clocks were to be reset accordingly; the clocks were to be displayed on a wall painted light blue.”
“Untitled (Perfect Lovers)” is sometimes are shown with this love letter to Laycock Gonzalez-Torres wrote in 1988. This love letter to Laycock Gonzalez-Torres wrote in 1988 explains to some extend in which ways the clocks for him symbolize the love between two people:

When I posted this a couple of hours ago I wrote that the letter above is sometimes exhibited together with “Untitled” (Perfect Lovers). But seems like I should better have double-checked the information – I just received an email by Allison Hemler, director of archives and communications at the Felix Gonzalez-Torres Foundation, who states: “Untitled” (Perfect Lovers) is never reproduced with the letter you have included an image of — this is a piece of personal correspondence which has only ever been published, and ever will be published, in the monograph on Felix Gonzalez-Torres edited by Julie Ault. It would never be shown in an exhibition as the artist only wanted his work to be shown in exhibitions. It was only published in Julie Ault’s book as a very special case.” 

I recently posted several pictures by a young photographer from Chile called Sebastian Gherrë, who works under the pseudonym GAG-BALL and publishes his work (which mainly consists of pictures of young male and female hookers) on his website Gherrë’s site works as a virtual gallery with exhibitions, his latest one is entitled “I Love You Mommy and forgive me, but I Have A Daddy Complex” and according to the accompanying text “consists of over 100 pictures showing BDSM-slave practices, young taxi-boys that for a little ammount od money are willing to practice fisting and golden shower, prostitutes with addiction problems that are capable of enjoying double dildos and bondage for getting some easy money”. Here’s my favourite piece of the show namend “The Happy Twins Shake Until Their Mom Bleeds”, for more check out (NSFW).

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