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“Every Night I Say A Prayer” is a track from Little Boots‘ upcoming album, released in conjunction with the “Record Store Day” in a one-off limited edition vinyl and now available as a free download. The track was written and produced by Andy Butler (Hercules & Love Affair) and Little Boots, you can download the song on our last Music Ticker from Sunday (just scroll down a bit, it’s the fourth Soundcloud wave).
The video was directed by artist Zaiba Jabbar, who writes the following about the it on her blog:

“Initially inspired by Paris is Burning we wanted to draw on the performance element and make a more london, and abstract version. In this realm we wanted to create a more conceptual take on a music video. Moving into more of a dance:performance video.”

So it seems like 20 years after Madonna’s take on the NYC ballroom culture and after artists such as Hercules & Love Affair’s Kim Ann Foxman, The Miracles Club and others have prepared its comeback visually and musically (see “Creature” / ”Light Of Love”) during the past two years, voguing has now officially diffused into the white mainstream culture again. Is that a good thing? I put this up for discussion.

Frank Ripploh’s vibrant and refreshingly raw and honest movie “Taxi zum Klo” (‘Taxi To The Toilet”) from 1980 is not only one of the few classics of queer cinema made in Germany, but also one of the few really hilarious comedies the country has to offer. The partly autobiographical film was shot in Berlin in the pre-Aids era and depicts the contradictory live of a gay teacher, who tries to combine his job and relationship with a restless and adventurous sex live. Despite a couple of very explicit sex scenes (real cum shot, golden shower etc) it surprisingly got a 16 classification in Germany, but was banned in a couple of countries such as Austria and the US. In case of the UK it was denied an uncensored release, and it took until 2005 to finally get it an 18 classification. “Taxi zum Klo” is now re-released in the UK via Peccadillo Pictures in a fully remastered DVD version and also currently shown in a couple of UK cinemas – a great opportunity to rediscover it more than 30 years after its first release.
Here’s the (new UK) trailer:

More information on the film’s website.

On Tuesday a new production of Monteverdi’s opera “L’Orfeo” will premiere at Hebbel am Ufer theater. The main character Orfeo will be played by Peaches, who will have her second appearance in an opera at HAU after her auto-biographical play ”Peaches Does Herself”. But while PDH was a pretty campy material battle with the format of a revue, the “Orfeo” production directed by Daniel Cremer seems to have the same rather minimalist approach – at least that’s what the very promising preview video suggests, that was just released and that I posted below. The clip documents the work of Olof Boman, the conductor of the opera, which by the way is performed completely in Italian (German subtitles)

“L’Orfeo” was one of the first operas ever written, it’s from the early 17th century and focusses on the life of Orpheus, singer of Greek myths, who charms all living things with his singing and tries to save his wife from the underworld. According to the introduction text on the website, the HAU production will especially emphasize questions of gender and sexuality in the play, building up a “queer-emancipatory utopia against the paralyzing presence of death”. Peaches will sing alongside six Opera singers and the musicians of the Kaleidoscope Soloists ensemble. For tickets and more information please visit the HAU website – I just checked, a few tickets are still left.

+++ I’m completely in love with “All Hell”, the beautiful debut album of singer / songwriter Daughn Gibson, which was recently released via Mistletone. You can stream and download the album track “In The Beginning” right here – more about the 31 year-old Carlisle, Pennsylvania resident, who also happens to work as a truck driver, on Pitchfork:

+++ NYC rapper Le1f, the guy on top of this post, has finally released his “Dark York” mixtape, and it’s as amazing as I hoped it would be. Stream and download it right here:

+++ Also finally out: Light Asylum‘s self-titled debut album. Here’s the stream for the complete record:

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The following photographs are taken from San Francisco based photographer Parker Tilghman’s first publication “Introduction”, which he has self-released at the beginning of April. The book includes a series of portraits taken during his studies at the California College of Art (a lot of then during his stay in Berlin in 2011), an older body of work called “Aeon” and installation images from his thesis exhibition. “Introduction” has 80 full color pages (most of the images are black and white) and can be ordered it via ($35 / €26 + shipping). To preview the entire book just scroll down to the bottom of this post/page, for more of Parker’s work check out his website

“Krylon Crying”, 2011

“Kevin in Repose”, 2011

“Zackary in her studio”, 2011

“Mica giving Face”, 2009

“Marianne”, 2009

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For those who don’t know: This thursday will begin an exciting series – Talking Eyes – in Berlin exploring certain marginalized perspectives in visual culture. For an overview, click here.

During the first event, held at C/O Berlin (Oranienburgerstr. 35/36) this Thursday, April 26th, the professor Jennifer Evans, from Carleton University, will explore the tensions between high and low – between the museum and the street – as a fundamental feature of efforts to queer the gays/gaze after Stonewall. The lecture starts at 19:30 and will conclude with a small toast to celebrate the opening of the series.

More info:

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Barcelona-born, London-based fashion designer Roberto Piqueras has caused quite a fuss recently with his rave-influenced fall/ winter collection for 2012, which he presented on a side street close to his apartment in East London a few weeks ago. Below you find the video of the show posted Piqueras has posted on his official Vimeo page (to a closer look at the stuff you should check out the picture gallery over at Live Is Not A Rehearsal). Before that, I’ve posted the video produced for the current summer collection, for which the designer has printed motives of his childhood on over-sized shirts. It was recorded by photographer Coco Capitán, who also lives in London and who has both a great website and blog as well. I found it on the amazing Eat On This blog, and it won’t be the last time I’m stealing stuff from over there.

Artist Zackary Drucker is currently finishing an experimental short movie project in collaboration with film maker Rhys Ernst and has now brought it to Kickstarter got raise money for the remaining production and post-production expenses. “She Gone Rogue” will premiere at the first Los Angeles biennial at the Hammer Museum and was shot at locations in Berlin, New York City, Los Angeles, the Mojave Desert and Crystal Lake, Pennsylvania, featuring appearances by legendary queer performers such as Holly Woodlawn, Vaginal Davis (who will also both be part of the Camp/Anti-Camp event in Berlin later this month) and Flawless Sabrina. Here comes the very entertaining trailer to this very promising looking project. You can donate here.

For even more Drucker you should get yourself the first issue of Translady Fanzine, a collaboration with photographer, performer and and co-founder of Original Plumbing magazine Amos Mac, which was published in an edition of 1.000 copies last year and is still available on the zine’s website and in a couple of bookshops in Europe and the US.

You find more pictures from the zine under this article about it in the Huffington Post. The picture on top is from the series “Home is Where the Heart is; Home is Where You Hang Your Heart,” from 2011, (c) Luis de Jesus Gallery, L.A.

Titica is the new star of Kuduro, a street music style born in Angola in the Eighties, which is currently spreading all over the planet due to the success of a new generation of artists such as Buraka Som Sistema. The BBC has just published a nice article about the 25-year old singer and her country, where she’s turning into a huge pop star, while shaking up ideas of gender and sexuality. Here’s the video to her latest single “Olha o Boneco”, which features Any, another star of the Angolan pop scene. The video is followed by the video to Titica’s debut hit “Chao Chao” (below the jump) from last year, which is still one of the most important tunes of the Kuduro movement. You find more of her videos and music her Facebook page, the picture on top was taken during her performance in New York City at an event called “iBomba” earlier this week (via Facebook).

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Earl Dax’s queer art party PUSSY FAGGOT! just celebrated three years in its native NYC, and now he’s assembling a cast of performance artists, musicians and DJs for a European tour. Gio Black Peter (pictured above), Lady Miss Kier (of Deee-Lite! fame), M. Lamar, Colin Self and Shane Shane will be flying overseas, joined by local talent from each city (see dates below) such as Jonny Woo, Joel Gibb, Alexander Geist, and, if the project receives enough support via Earl’s Indiegogo campaign, even more acts like Hard Ton and David Hoyle. Go donate now and receive perks in return, such as a hand-written postcard, a DVD of the tour documentary that Gio Black Peter will direct, a signed hardcover copy of Penny Arcade‘s Bad Reputation, and merchandise from select artists from the tour.

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Milan and NYC based photographer Lele Saveri has travelled to Peru to document ”Takanakuy” – a fighting ceremony practiced every year on Christmas times. Here are some of the photographs she took of the awesome outfits the boys are wearing for the ritual. You find more pictures of the event on the photographer’s website and on VICE Online, where she has also published a little report about the event. Found on Peanut Butter Thoughts, all pictures (c) Lele Saveri/VICE.

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And yet here comes another product recommendation: “Coming After” was a group exhibition curated by Catch Fire contributor and film theorist Jon Davies, which was recently shown at Toronto’s Power Plant. It assembled works of contemporary artists born in 1970 or later which all in one way or another refer to the queer activism and identify politics of the 1980s and 90s in North America and the overshadowing HIV/AIDS crisis. To all of you who weren’t able to see the show I want to recommend the accompanying publication, which gives a great opportunity to discover the works and and approaches of 15 exciting contemporary queer artists such as Berlin based Benny Nemerofsky Ramsay, Dean Sameshima (see post below) or the duo Pauline Boudry/Renate Lorenz.
“Coming After: queer time, arriving too late and the spectre of the recent past” is introduced with a curatorial essay and illustrated by Canadian artist Logan MacDonald. It also features special artist projects by Ulrike Müller and Jimmy Robert, a transcribed speech by Sharon Hayes and a short text by Zoe Leonard.
You can order the publication via the Power Plant shop.

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