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Watch It Online: “The Aggressives”

Filmmaker Daniel Peddle’s 2005 documentary is not only a powerful portrait of the lives of six aggressive women from NYC, but also one of the few film documents of the city’s lesbian ball scene. The movie was released on DVD in 2006 by Image Entertainment, but can no longer be ordered for private purposes – the current copyrights holder 7thart Releasing only distributes it to public institutions (lowest rate 60$). When I did some research for the Queer Film Archive Berlin project I found a YouTube link where a user uploaded the whole movie in 6 parts, and it seems like film’s current distribution company is tolerating the fact that the movie can be streamend online – it’s been there for nearly a year already and already had more than 90.000 clicks without being taken down. The quality of the stream is rather low, but at least there’s a way to get an impression of the film as long as there’s no other way to get it.

Light Asylum: “Heart of Dust” (Video)

Directed by Grant Worth and David Riley (Mirror Mirror).
Self-titled debut album out via Mexican Summer, stream it here.

Engaging with Bad Feelings. Workshop & Film Screenings on Troubling Queer-Feminist Films and Video Art

Workshop (June 6th & 7th) & Film Screenings (June 5th)
with Karin Michalski (Berlin) & Gregg Bordowitz (Chicago)

Organised by the interdisciplinary graduate research program Gender as a Category of Knowledge at the Humbold University in Berlin and and the Collaborative Research Center 626, Aesthetic Experience and the Dissolution of Artistic Limits at the Free University in Berlin

The workshop Engaging with Bad Feelings, with Gregg Bordowitz and Karin Michalski, will focus on the aesthetic experience and political contexts of film and video art that are associated with current queer-feminist discussions about ‘political affect’ (i. e. Ann Cvetkovich, Lauren Berlant, Heather Love). The two-day workshop will enable intensive discussion about how queer-feminist politics related to negative experiences and feelings (such as trauma, shame, melancholy as they are related to homophobia, sexism, HIV/AIDS and racism) are reflected in certain film poetics.

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Good Blogs: Another 10 Tumblrs You Might Like

Sorry for the double-post, dear RSS feed followers – I pressed the “publish” button too early yesterday. Here are another 10 interesting/funny/weird tumblrs worth following, this time with a special emphasis on artist’s personal picture collections. Picture above: “Backyard Bull (Brian)” (c) SlavaMogutin, 2011.

Keith Haring: 1978-1982 Journals
“The Keith Haring Foundation has scanned Keith’s journals from 1971 to 1989, some of which are featured in Keith Haring: 1978–1982. A page will be posted each day for the duration of the show, which will be on view at the Brooklyn Museum from March 16 through July 8, 2012. The exhibition is the first large-scale presentation to explore the early works of one of the best-known American artists of the twentieth century”

Dyke Duds
“Dyke Duds is a blog for lesbians, queer women, and transmasculine people to share our styles, fashion ideas, and stories around clothing.”

and so i missed my chance
(Queer) arts and culture tumblr with a focus on paintings by Canadian artist Travis McEwen, who also presents his own work there.

Personal tumblr of San Francisco based rapper and Original Plumbing co-founder Rocco Katastrophe.

Wonderful gay/queer art and zines blog, which honors both old and new heros of the queer art world and and highlights exciting new queer publications. 

The artist and photographer’s photo diary. Replaces his blogspot blog, where he states: “After over 5 years of  The Pinko Commie Fag Blog it’s time to say goodbye to Blogspot and it’s ridiculous ‘Content Warning’.”

Artist Brian Kenny’s very lively photo tumblr. Still waiting for a Superm (Kenny+Mogutin) tumblr.

Bat Country
“Kitsch, Trash, Filth, Perversion, Camp, Oddities, Music, Art” / “My blog is not named after that Avenged Sevenfold song… Anyways, I’m an art student in Baltimore (originally from Virginia), typically I abuse my Tumblr by reblogging whatever I like and rarely (but surely) I post things that happened to me–you know, bloggy things.”

moustache rides for everyone
A bearded guy documents his pretty creative sex live (super-NSFW).

Bears I’m Disappointed In
Crazy and funny. For everyone who’s fed up with the new bear cult.


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PICK 5: Cakes Da Killa

Rashard Bradshaw aka Cakes Da Killa is our current cover boy on Facebook – I instantly fell in love with the black and white pictures by photographer Alana Yolande he recently published on his own FB site (she also took the picture above). The 21-year-old rapper from New Jersey is one of the up and coming artists of the NYC queer hip hop scene and has just announced a follow-up to his awesome debut mixtape Easy Bake Oven from last October, as well as a new video to the mixtape track “Whistle (Beat It Up)”, so there’s a lot to expect from him in the upcoming months. Cakes was also one of the artists who got featured on the highly recommended Pitchfork article “We Invented Swag – NYC’s queer rap” from March, where you find a little more information about him (bottom of the page). For Catch Fire he has put together a list with his 5 favorite web videos and along the way reveals some of his artistic influences.

“Gangtresses is the realness. The film tells the story of violence, poverty, and survival in the streets from a female perspective. Filmed over a two-year period, Harry Davis interviews female hustlers, drug dealers, rappers, porn stars, prostitutes, mothers, and daughters. It has cameos from hip-hop royalty Tupac, Lil Kim, Mary J. Blige, and Russell Simmons. Getcha life!”

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Alexander Geist: Bad Language

If you’re a regular Catch Fire reader, you might recall Alexander’s pretty face from about a year ago when he and I had a little interview in which he revealed he wanted to collaborate with different musicians and producers. As we stayed in touch, one of them turned out to be me, and now the fruits of our efforts have become his first official release: “Bad Language” is out today on 7″ and digitally via Haute Areal. You can stream the single and its B-side here, and head to BUTT Magazine for a new interview along with an exclusive mp3 download of “Bad Language” as remixed by TUSK.

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Support “Dirty Looks: On Location”, A month of queer interventions in NYC

The makers of New York City’s successful queer monthly screening series Dirty Looks are currently preparing a very exiting and ambitious new festival, that will take place throughout July and seeks to celebrate the historical roots of the city’s vibrant queer scene by rediscovering forgotten queer sites and venues. Dirty Looks: On Location is planned as a month-long series of interventions in New York City spaces: Films and video works selected by a group of curators will be installed in former queer spaces like shuttered bars, bathhouses or cruising spaces, one piece will be presented in a different location every night throughout July.

You can currently support the festival and its organizers by donating via Kickstarter through June 2, 2012 (official video on top). Donators receive awesome thank-you gifts, such as an exclusive Mike Kuchar poster, a postcard-book with all the venues, shirts designed by Curt McDowell and Luther Price or and beautiful works by a whole bunch of contempory artists such as Adam Shecter, Jonathan VanDyke, Dani Leventhal, A.L. Steiner, Gary Indiana, Gavin Lambert, Michelle Handelman or Liz Magic Laser.

UPDATE (2 June 2012): The project was successfully funded!

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Cakes Da Killa by Alana Yolande

(c) Alana Yolande
Check out Cake’s Da Killa‘s latest video “Cuntspiracy” on YouTube.

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THEESatisfacion: “QueenS” (Video) / Stream New Album “awE naturalE”

I ♥ this. THEESatisfacion are Seattle based duo Stasia Irons and Catherine Harris-White, who have already contributed to Shabazz Palaces’ 2011 awesome “Black Up” album and have just released their own debut “awE naturalE” via Sub Pop. You can currently stream the whole record on the label’s YouTube site (German’s have to hide their IP) and buy the album via Itunes & Amazon. The beautiful video to their single “QueenS” was directed by Dream Hampton.

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Matthew Stone: 5 Photoworks from “Optimism as Cultural Rebellion”

British artist, shaman and !WOWOW! founder Matthew Stone does amazingly beautiful artwork such as editorials for fashion magazine (check out the ones for I-D we’ve posted here and here last year) or his music videos for These New Puritans (“Attack Music”) or S.C.U.M. (“Amber Hands”). His first photo book “The Body Beyond” was released in January in a limited edition of 1.000 and is still available on the artist’s website.
The following five works – all of them photo prints on birch plywood - were parts of an installation entitled “Optimism as Cultural Rebellion” shown at NYC’s The Hole gallery in December 2011. For more pictures of the full exhibition as well as a video tour through the installation, please check out Stone’s website, too. The official gallery text released in conjunction with the show can be found on the gallery’s website.

“A Precious Fleeting Foam”, 2011

“Soul Retrieval”, 2011

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CocoRosie’s “Unusual Weddings” at Donaufestival, Krems (Some Blurry Web Videos)

As this year’s “Artists in Residence” Bianca und Sierra Casady aka CocoRosie have curated a very special series of live shows for year’s Donaufestival in Krems (Austria) this year: The series is called “Ungewöhnliche Hochzeiten” (“Unusual weddings”) and teams up artists from different backgrounds. My favorite collaboration is Antony + Sissy Nobby, who’ve done a slow piano version of Nobby’s 2009 awesomely explicit single “Lay Me Down” and have beautifully covered Madame Gaynor’s “I will survive”, followed by Laurie Anderson and Light Asylum and Nomi Ruiz (Hercules & Love Affair, Jessica 6) and the new post Hip Hop superhero Busdriver. Here are some blurry fan videos of the performances so we who couldn’t attend at least get a certain impression. Via Nomi Ruiz’ tumblr.

Antony and Sissy Nobby – “Lay Me Down”

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“Tom Boy” in German Cinemas now (Trailer)

“Tom Boy” by French director Céline Sciamma premiered at the Berlinale last year and won the film festivals queer Teddy award. The film shows the summer of Mikhael, who has just moved to the suburbs of Paris with his family, and dresses and acts like a boy, while is born a girl. Sciamma follows Mikhael’s experiences with his family (his mother refuses to accept his boy identity), his new friends and his awakening of love for a girl named Lisa. She depicts the adolescence of the child and its sometimes complicated relationships in a very precise, gentle way without an overdramatizing perspective, which makes it really worth watching. Especially since the kid played by actress Zoé Héran is adorable. The only disappointing part of “Tom Boy” is its end, which weakens the rest of the movie in a rather awkward way, but I don’t want to give too much of the story away. The movie is in German movies from today, here’s the (unfortunately rather tacky) trailer:

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