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Staycj Pepper feat Hllywd: “Lord Forgive” / “Soul Nasty River” (Videos)

Last autumn UK based producer Staycj Pepper and Berlin based singer / songwriter Hllywd have released their first collaboration “Lord Forgive”, which is still available via Itunes and Amazon. Now they’re back with another deep and mellow house tune entitled “Soul Nasty River”, which was released a couple of weeks ago as a free download with a whole bunch of remixes on Pepper’s Soundcloud page. Here are the videos the both songs!

New Web Documentary Series: Rad Queers (Ep. 1)

Rad Queers is a nice new documentary series by Chicago based film maker, artist and blogger Graham Kolbeins, who also runs the art blog Future Shipwreck. The first episode, which just was just released on the Rad Queers website, features the awesome Payasos L.A., a group of Latino muscle nice, which does fundraising for charity organizations around the world. To collect donations they dress up in cute clown costumes and organize parties, where they do go-go dancing and sell artistic photographs of themseves. The second episode will be about performance artist Ian MacKinnon, so stay tuned. Oh, and for more rad queers I also recommend the web series Signified we just recently posted about.

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“Peaches Does Herself” Movie Premiere @ Toronto International Film Festival (Trailer)

After the huge success of her autobiographical (anti-)musical “Peaches Does Herself”, which premiered at Berlin’s HAU theater in October 2010, Peaches has decided to turn the stage piece into a movie, so it can finally travel around the world. The film adaptation of the colorful revue show choreographed by Jeremy Wade is starring Peaches and all her Berlin co-performers, such as her stage-lover Danni Daniels, Sandy Kane and Angie Reed. It will premiere at this years’s Toronto International Film Festival on September 13th at Bloor Hot Docs Cinema and will be screened another two times during the festival period (check out this page for more detailed information).
In conjunction with the movie premiere Peaches will also “do” the Drake Hotel, where she will show an installation entitled “Bursting into Mud!” from September 6 to 16 and play a show entitled “Peaches Does Drake” on September 14, supported by the Berlin based post rock duo Jolly Goods, as well as the already mentioned performers Danni Daniels + Sandy Kane and others. (Via)
Here’s the movie trailer:

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RHLS F/W 2012 “Emotional Icons On Frozen Streets” Lookbook

Another exciting new DIY fashion label based in Brooklyn: RHLS (Ruffeo Hearts Lil Snotty) was founded in Olympia (WA) in 2005 by designers R. Mackswell Sherman and Sarah Jones, who since 2010 live in New York and run the concept store MOVES. Their cartoon/ethnic style outfits may appear familiar to you, it has just recently have appeared in the video to “Wut”, the new single of Brooklyn based rapper Le1f (who is one of the models of their SS 2012 look book). The duo also has just managed to successfully raise more than $7,000 for the production of their fall/winter collection “Emotional Icons On Frozen Streets” on the community investment platform Smallknot. Here’s a preview of the new collection, for the whole look book check out the RHLS website.

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San Francisco Drag Scene Short Documentary by Danielle Levitt

Nice short documentary about San Francisco drag culture by NYC based portrait photographer Danielle Levitt. Featuring Alexis Blair Penny, (La) Monistat, Elijaa Minelly (above), Juanita More, Glamamore, Miss Rahni, Lady Bear, Cousin Wonderlette and Myles Cooper. Did I miss someone? Photographs of the girls that where taken in conjunction with the movie can be found on Danielle Levitt’s website.

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Grimes – Genesis (Video)

Just in case you haven’t seen it yet. Directed by Claire Boucher (aka Grimes) starring Brooke Candy. From the album Visions. Germans: copy “” here.

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“Things We Both Know (Not Our Real Names)” by Roy Pérez/Finn Paul (Video)

The short film “Things We Both Know (Not Our Real Names)” is a video adaptation of a powerful poem by writer and poet Roy Pérez, which was published in FENCE Magazin #25. Pérez and his collaborator Finn Paul followed the magazine’s call to its contributors to translate their works into a film or audio version. The result is quite strong in its simplicity – I’ve already watched it a couple of times and still really like it. For more background information about the poem and the production of the video please check out its Vimeo page. Via the incredible Mixed Media tumblr.

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Henrik Vibskov 2013 S/S Collection “The Transparent Tongue”

Danish fashion designer Henrik Vibskov‘s amazingly beautiful and eclectic spring/summer 2013 collection “The Transparent Tongue” was presented both at the Paris fashion week at the end of June and at the Copenhagen fashion week earlier this month. Both times the runway was decorated with a huge pink blow-up “tongue”, that unfolded an inner life during the show and that also echoed in the outfits. With the show Vibskov also follows two ongoing trends amongst street-wear oriented avantgardist fashion designers: He not only worked mainly with models of color, but also whoed both menswear and womenswear in one show, which in the fashion world of 2012 still is a big deal.
Here are some of my favorite looks from the runway show in Copenhagen, more can be found on the Life is not a Rehearsal blog (focus on the guys) and on the German fashion blog LesMads (focus on the girls). All pictures are (c) Copenhagen Fashion Week. The photos are followed by two videos of the runway show, the first one was shot in Copenhagen, the second one in Paris.

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Review: “Keep The Lights On” by Ira Sachs (+ Trailer)

The connections between two lovers are finite, and the feelings that swell up and over them bind the two people together in an obsession. But they eventually recede, leaving behind nothing but the outline of a bell curve. In Keep The Lights On Ira Sachs (The Delta, Forth Shades of Blue) has brilliantly documented the arc of his own troubled nine-year relationship with literary agent and author Bill Clegg. Bathing his characters in an embracing, radiant glow, Sachs moves through the stages of his relationship, shining an unflinching spotlight on his past and the corrosion wrought by gay shame and addiction, showing how the closet can damage our relationships and our lives. Cerebral, reflective and emotionally raw, Keep The Lights On is a testament that intelligently crafted gay-centric films are still being made in America today.

The film opens on paintings of nude men propelled across the screen, visually evoking the infinite appetite of desire, its forward drive pushing gay men towards new sexual encounters and friendships and new men to fall in love with, incessantly. Standing in for Sachs is Erick (Thure Lindhardt), a documentary filmmaker, who we meet circa 1996 in a sparse New York apartment working the sex phone lines. He stokes himself as he sells himself through the handset—“uncut, 6.5, top.” Clicking through possible matches, Erick is clearly sexually frustrated. So he is relieved to make a connection with Paul (Zachery Booth); there is obvious chemistry between the two men on screen, despite the fact that Paul is still closeted with a girlfriend.

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Mykki Blanco – Wavvy / Europe Tour Dates

From the forthcoming Cosmic Angel: The Illuminati Prince/ss Mixtape. Directed by Francesco Carrozzini.

Mykki’s Europe tour with DJ Physical Therapy:

Aug 24 Berlin – Import/Export #3, Prince Charles
Aug 25 Zurich – House of Mixed Emotion, Longstreet Bar
Sept 1 Malmo – CEO Gallery (Mykki only)
Sept 5 Berlin – CTM festival
Sept 6 Lisbon – ZDB
Sept 7 London – Lucky PDF
Sept 6 Berlin – Cream Cake, Südblock

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Good Blogs: Talk with Abdu Ali Eaton (

The “Good Blogs” section exists since I’ve started this blog, but instead of keeping on with just reviewing other people’s websites, I’ve decided that it would be more productive to turn the whole thing into an actual exchange with my favorite bloggers. So from now on the “Good Blogs” postings will contain short interviews with the people who run the recommended sites, starting with a talk with Baltimore based blogger Abdu Ali Eaton, the guy behind the pretty awesome culture blog Eat On This. The blog exists since February 2010 and has a focus on music, fashion and art, with a heavy bent on queer artists and artist from Baltimore. Here’s what Abdu wrote me about his work.

What was your main inspiration/motivation to start your own blog? Did you have any experience with writing before it?

I first started writing for local media outlets in Baltimore, but it wasn’t progressive enough and dependable for me to continue writing for other folks in Baltimore. I was getting frustrated so I started my own shit. I always wanted to give passionate unconventional unknown artist a platform to show their works and let people hear about these great artist that aren’t mainstream, so I did Eat On This for that. Plus to fufill my want to just be able to write too. So it was like a good exchange in a way. “Eat On This” came from my lastname Eaton and it sends a good message too.

How and where do you find the subjects for your postings?

I just use what’s around me. I get great things from my immediate circle of friends because a lot of them are into the arts, also from certain blogs, and a couple of universal media outlets. Sometimes it’s even from browsing social networking sites like Tumblr especially, or soundcloud where artists promote their own works.

Did you ever delete a post right after you finished writing it or even after posting it? And of yes, what was it about?

No, I’ve edited a lot of old posts, just because I thought the writing could be better. And I just deleted some post that I thought were too mainstream and trendy.

Where do you want to take the blog, do you have certain aims you want to achieve with it?

With me being a performer now*, I want to make more about my journey as a music artist, but also invite other artists to be interviewed on my blog. It’s strictly going to be interviews. Nothing else. I want to keep it like a diary, no magazine, I like the intimacy a blog provides to it’s readers and the non-exclusiveness.

* here’s Abdu’s latest musical output:

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8 Artist Portraits by Amos Mac

Over the past few years Brooklyn based photographer, publisher and writer Amos Mac (picture by Elisa Shea) has been doing an amazing job in documenting and pushing forward queer and trans* culture in the US and worldwide. I’ve already posted about Amos’ work as the founder and editor of the wonderful trans guys magazine Original Plumbing and his new Translady Fanzine, this time I want to focus on his colorful and powerful portraits of queer, trans* and gender non-conforming artists, performers and musicians, such as OPM co-founder Rocco Katrastrophe, Cody Critcheloe aka Ssion, the House of Ladosha Crew, Hunx or Black Cracker.
The pictures shown here are only a collection of personal favorites taken from the photographer’s website and his tumblr, where you find many more facets of his work. The one on top of the gallery, a portrait of Cunty Crawford Ladosha, was just recently shown at the exhibition Testimony: A Living Exhibition Of Queer Youth at the Leslie-Lohman Museum of Gay and Lesbian Art in New York. Amos’ latest project is a video campaign entitled “Talk About It”, which seeks to adress adult suicide in the queer community and strengthen the trans community from within.

Cunty Crawford Ladosha by Amos Mac, 2012

Cunty Crawford Ladosha, 2012

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