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deepsouth is a beautifully shot documentary about the incredibly hard and difficult live with HIV/AIDS in the Southern US and the fight against the disease. For upcomings screenings of the film by  by journalist and filmmaker Lisa Biagiotti you can join the movie’s mailing list or follow it on Facebook. Via (and in rememberance of) The GAG.

On Sunday, Kids On TV will present their upcoming new album ”Pantheon” at Videofag, a new arts and performance space in Toronto’s Kensington Market. The release event, which will consist of a prelistening session and a moderated panel of artists who have collaborated with the band will take place in conjunction with the Kids on TV retrospective “Hidden Histories & Spectacular Misfits”, which opened on October 19 and will run until November 11. For everyone who won’t be able to see the show here are some pictures of the exhibition itself and the opening night to give you a little impression. All photographs were taken by playwright/filmmaker Jordan Tannahill, who runs the gallery with his partner, actor William Christopher Ellis.

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THEM is a new exciting queer rap duo consisting of Figaro the Kid from Columbia, SC and TCHNCLR from Atlanta, GA, which have decided to join forces about a year ago. In July the duo has released its first mixtape, which combines boncy beats with nervous ravey synths, followed by a Remix EP released a few weeks ago (cover on top), featuring a bunch of other promising new artists like Virginia rapper Prince Airick, North Carolinian Pariah Carey, Cakes da Killa beatmaker VIACOM CANNON and Bangkok based artist TrinityTiny1. For Catch Fire the duo has prepared another (very entertaining) commented list of their 5 favorite web clips, which allows to trace back a couple of THEM’s musical roots.

“Cibo Matto is everything. They’re one of my favorite bands of all time and one of the biggest inspirations to me. I’m constantly crying because I will probably never get to see them play live (they didn’t come even remotely near me for their reunion tour). Maybe if I bother them enough on twitter enough they’ll make music with us.” (Figaro)

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The program of this years Porn Film Festival at Moviemento, Berlin is already online since a couple of days, and it’s really worth having a closer look at it. One of the highlights of this year’s event, which takes place between the 24th and the 28th of October, is a retrospective of legendary US filmmaker Wakefield Poole, who will also attend the festival in person. For more recommendations I let the trailers/teasers below speak for themselves, especially since they may also be of interest to people who can’t be in Berlin next weekend. For the whole program and an overview on the extensive short film program visit the PFF website. Picture on top from the movie Mondomanila.

+++ A(sexual) / Angela Tucker / Website +++

+++ Mondomanila / Khavn +++

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Today is the vernissage of Montreal based photographer JJ Levine‘s solo exhibition “Queer Portraits” at RATS 9 Gallery, which will run until the 5th of November. The show will highlight images taken throughout the past two years, in which the artist continued documenting his queer environment by taking portraits of the people around him in their homes – something she’s already done since 2006. I’ve done a short interview with JJ, who also runs the hair salon Lesbian Haircuts for Anyone, to find out more about his work and the exhibition. All photos below courtesy JJ Levine.

How would you describe the approach you have with your portait works? What do you want to contribute to?

I only photograph people with whom I have close relationships, so my approach is a very personal one. I want to contribute to a visual culture of identity-based image making.

Do you see yourself in a certain artistic tradition?

On a technical level, my portrait photography is quite traditional; my approach to the medium is one of precision and care. All of my work is shot on film and I normally print using an enlarger in a colour darkroom. However, my subject matter is far from conventional.

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+++ Mykki Blanco  - “Haze.Boogie.Life” +++

From the Mykki’s upcoming mixtape “Cosmic Angel: The Illuminati Prince/ss”, due November 7th. Directed by Danny Sangra. Behind the scenes photos and gifs on

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Last week the exciting Parisian fashion/art/performance collective Andrea Crews previewed its new Spring/Summer collection 2013 entitled “Kitten Hologram” in the concept space l 140 in Montmartre. Here are a couple of pictures of the show, found on the collective’s blog (more there) via Diane Pernet.

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From the album “Put Your Back N 2 It”

+++ THEESatisfaction, whose “awE naturalE” album is still high on the list of my favorite 2012 records, have released a new free EP on their bandcamp site. ”THEESatisfaction Loves Anita Baker” is only around 7 minutes long, but worth every second, and you can stream and download it right here. If you don’t know the duo yet check out the beautiful video to their single “QueenS”.

+++ Berlin based mysterious singer/songwriter o F F Love has just released a new mixtape entitled “Love Me You Do, Love Me If You..” and will support of Tom Krell aka How To Dress Well on his US tour in the next three weeks. Check out the artist’s website for tour dates and his Soundcloud page for his “My Love For You… Probably Love” record from earlier this year (free download).

+++ Baltimore based blogger and artist Abdu Ali Eaton, who I recently interviewed for our Good Blogs section, has just released a new song: “360″ is a taste of what’s to come music-wise from the maker of the Eat On This blog and was produced by Schwarz, another Baltimore based artist. Free download.

+++ Berlin based duo Kool Thing have a new video to their song “PLAN.LIFE.GO” taken from their recent 12″ vinyl single of the same name. The clip was shot in an abandoned sanatorium in Beelitz, just outside Berlin, and like the song needs a little time to develop, so I recommend to really watch it all the way through. Directed by Robin Plessy.

Hidden Souls is a dark + futuristic photo series by artist, photographer and costume designer Mustafa Sabbagh, which was shown at the Slam Jam store in Ferrara, Italy during the summer months. The exhibition – a collaboration with curator and stylist Simone Valsecchi - is already over, but the store has just recently published a really beautiful catalogue of the exhibited pictures, which can be ordered on their website (200 copies limited edition). Preview below.

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I saw Canadian born Berlin based singer/songwriter and artist Dan Bodan play at Kreuzberg’s Südblock about two weeks ago when he was performing at a party organized by S&yM gallery and was pretty impressed. Both his boyish street style (before he started singing I thought he and his stage partner were kids from the neighborhood who had taken the stage) and his laconic, but moving ethereal love songs with a touch of Arthur Russell really got stuck in my head. When I found out that he has just recently released a new video to his single “Aaron”, which is out via DFA, I thought that it would be a nice opportunity to ask him for a little interview, and he agreed. So here’s the quick and dirty Q&A we did via Facebook – for a more detailed conversation with more background information I recommend the interview he did with Don’t Panic.

Since when are you working on music? Do/did you have other music projects aside from the songs you release as a solo artist?

I started doing music like 13 years ago at home. Mostly 4track shit and I made music with the program Acid Pro. Then in Montreal I was pretty involved with the noise scene and the underground club Zoo Bizarre. But i kinda took a break when I moved to Berlin, focusing on art. now i’m back in the swing of things.

You’ve just released two singles, “Aaron/Db” and “Under a Cancer Sky”, which contains a cover version by Alexis Taylor/Hot Chip. I saw that you also played a gig with him in London and he interviewed you for Dazed Digital, so do you plan on collaborating with him in the future?

Sure, Alexis is great! We keep in touch and I send him music for advice n shit. Hope to do something in the future, we’ll see.

Your first album “Nudity & Atrocity” was only available at Pro qm and Motto in Berlin and you’ve played a lot of gigs in galleries and other art spaces. Is the release of your new single “Aaron” on DFA a step in a new direction for you, since you’re gonna reach a new audience?

I had a nice 2 or 3 year fling with the art world. But it’s a pretty limited platform for a musician, so i’m taking things back to the club, so to speak.

You’re co-founder of a label called Mangrove on which you’re released “Nudity & Atrocity” first album. Are you still working on that project?

Oh totally, Martin and I want to use Mangrove as platform for releasing people’s stuff in the future, but at the moment gotta focus on establishing myself to i can apply that to the label

The video to “Aaron” was shot at Kottbusser Tor, a huge housing project in Berlin-Kreuzberg. What relationship do you have to this place?

Kotti’s kinda omnipresent in my life. My friends all live there, I’m a few blocks away, and I spend time there everyday so its the centerpoint of the city for me. Made sense to shoot the video there.


Jaurès by French filmmaker Vincent Dieutre was one of the secret highlights of this year’s Berlin film festival and won a special Teddy award for its attempt to intersect the private and the political. The film brings together a conversation between Dieutre himself and actress Eva Truffaut about the director’s relationship to his former lover Simon – a courageous refugee activist – with street scenes shot out of Simon’s apartment at the Paris metro station Jaurès, where many young illegal Afghan immigrants live right next to the canal. The result is a very and intimate and atmospheric essay, that a only in a few moments drifts into kitsch, but nevertheless is one the most interesting and touching experiences with cinema I’ve had in quite a while.
Germans and French people can currently watch the film in the media library of the tv channel arte, were it will be online in French with German subtiles for at least another two or three days. All others can try to use a German proxy to watch the film (sometimes it also works to put a “+” behind the link) or just wait until the film is released on DVD or on another online platform, which I hope will happen soon. Below you find a little movie excerpt with English subtitles posted on YouTube by the queer film fest Lisbon – unfortunately it is exactly one of the moments where I think there’s a certain kitsch factor to how sound and footage material are interwoven. For more film clips and an interview with both Dieutre and Truffaut check out the Teddy website.

Link to film stream

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