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Peter Berlin is the image of sex for the generation of gay men who came of age in the 70s. He cut an iconoclastic figure in his skintight pants and blond pageboy atop a sleek torso, pectorals as hard as his cock and as high as his cheekbones. He was a gay cult figure, a fetish object in multiple senses: both an icon for worship and sexual fixation. And the highest Peter Berlin devotee was Peter Berlin himself. The photographer, filmmaker, mixed-media artist and designer used himself as his own model and muse, elevating self-portraiture and naked, unashamed gay eroticism to new levels of artistic legitimacy. Now, some of his most evocative photographs are on sale, offered by the Leslie Lohman Museum in New York City.

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From the duo’s new ”Liquid” EP (out now via Boysnoize Records on ITunes and Vinyl). Video for directed by Sam Jones, who also did the “Wut” video.

On Saturday the New York artist collective FCKNLZ will conquer the Broadway with the “Toni Bernice Show” at the Museum of Arts and Design. The new stage piece, which will be taped live, is the culmination point of Club Kid Herstory Month, a six week theater project through which the group examined the legacy of ’90s club kids by re-creating their legendary appearances on TV talk shows.
Tickets for the event can be purchased here (“$15 admission includes complimentary champagne and poppers”) – the people in the audience are invited to dress up as their favorite club kid or invent their own – the best costumes will be awarded by special guests Astro Erle and Sophia Lamar. For more information check out the FCKNLZ website or the event’s Facebook page. Below you find trading cards with all characters and a video segment from the show. Picture on top by Ben Pier.

25 years ago writer Sarah Schulman and filmmaker Jim Hubbard (“United in Anger”) started MIX NYC, a festival for experimental queer films, showing movies that were neither shown at gay film festivals nor in museums. Since back then, MIX NYC has become one of the most important platforms (if not the most important platform) for experimental movies of queer and trans* artists and has motivated artists and film fans around the world to start their own version of the event. MIX has also become famous for its unique way of presenting its movies in special environments and in combination with arts installations and performances.

The 25th edition of the festival will take place at a venue in the Boerum Hill section of Brooklyn in a 17,000 square foot warehouse, which was redesigned from scratch (accoding to the MIX Facebook page the theme for this year’s venue transformation “involves cocooning and hammocks”, which sounds like fun). Like ever year MIX will feature both excting short screenings dealing with various subjects (my personal favorite is “Exploding Lineage!”, a program showing “queer of color histories in experimental film” curated by Queer Rebels Productions, trailer here), as well as feature movies like the Fifth Column documentary “She Said Boom”Cheryl Dunye’s “Mommy Is Coming” or “Desaliniados”, a three-way romance by Argentinian director Pablo Oliverio. In conjunction with its 25th anniversary the festival will also take a look back and show important milestone in queer avant-garde film from the last 25 years, curated in collaboration with the makers of the queer screening series Dirty Looks NYC.

The MIX 25 opening night entitled “You Can Have It All” (trailer above) will take place tomorrow, Tuesday 13, and will feature a special appearance by performance artist Jess Dobkin. For the complete festival program please check out the MIX website and/or follow MIX on Facebook.
A special note to all New Yorkers: The festival is still looking for all kinds of volunteers to make it happen -> check out this Facebook site for more information or sign up here rightaway.

[Ssex Bbox] is a bilingual web documentary project by Sao Paulo/San Francisco based filmmaker Priscilla Bertucci. The series portraits people, who live their gender, bodies and sexuality beyond the boundaries of societal norms. Since January seven episodes shot in San Francisco, Sao Paulo, Berlin and Barcelona have been released, all of them dealing with the most important concepts and ideas of (post-) modern (sexual) identity. I found some part of the show a little too didactic, at the same time Bertucci and her team have managed to bring together a nice collection of interviews and portraits of interesting artists and activists from around the world. Below I’ve posted episode #6, which discusses the term “queer” from different angles. You can watch all episodes in English and Portugese on the project’s website.
Along with the documentary series comes a quarterly [Ssex Bbox] magazine, which shares the same approach as the show and can be previewed and ordered online. The current issue “It’s Complicated” was published in spring and asks for the future of relationships.

Download here (via Mediafire).
More Mykki Blanco.

+++ Rodeo – Home Run +++

Track from the “Leisure Forever” EP, released on December 3rd via Leonizer Records. Video directed and edited by Black Cracker.

+++ Crime – This Party Blows +++

New band of Mika Risiko (Sissters) and Sarah Adorable (Scream Club). Touring through Germany and the Czech Republic as support of Edie Sedgwick in November and December.

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Last year we’ve already featured a couple of beautiful paper-cut illustrations by Berlin based artist and part-time DJ Lavender Wolf. Now Berliners have the chance to see his latest work at Schlesische 19, a new arts space that belongs to the legendary Barbie Deinhoff’s bar and can be found right next to it. The invitation text for the one night only (!) exhibition of his new “Shapeshifter” installation sounds a little cryptic, but exciting – I quote: “The piece features images of seven of the artist’s matrilineal ancestors, each with a message and an ability that they wish to pass on to their descendent. The impetus for this installation was the history and practice of art used in rituals and ceremony from Feng Shui to Hoodoo, for the appeasement of deities passed on by force, to those who’s names have been long forgotten. Every seventh daughter will have her day.” The show takes place tomorrow, November 8th, at Schlesische 19 open from 7 to eleven pm (after-party @ Barbie’s). Below you find two preview images and a third one I found on Lavender’s Facebook page. For more information about the artists and more of his artworks check out this nice interview with him on the Kaltblut Magazine website.

Directed by Jonathan Turner. Stream full EP on Dazed Digital.

Brack-Man was founded by George Alvin, a former actor and graduate from the London College of Fashion from Essex, who just recently founded his own menswear label. According to Alvin the name “Brack”, which is also one of his nicknames, refers to Cubist painter Georges Braque and the boxy forms in his works. The lookbook of the young designer’s debut collection “Flavours of Light”, which combines high wearability with clear, utilitarian forms and techno fabrics, was previewed on Dazed Digital this summer, styled by the magazine’s fashion assistant Elizabeth Fraser-Bell. For more pictures of the “Flavours of Light” collection visit the nicely designed Brack-Man website, for interviews with George Alvin visit Dazed Digital or check out the latest issue of the free Base Magazine.

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deepsouth is a beautifully shot documentary about the incredibly hard and difficult live with HIV/AIDS in the Southern US and the fight against the disease. For upcomings screenings of the film by  by journalist and filmmaker Lisa Biagiotti you can join the movie’s mailing list or follow it on Facebook. Via (and in rememberance of) The GAG.

On Sunday, Kids On TV will present their upcoming new album ”Pantheon” at Videofag, a new arts and performance space in Toronto’s Kensington Market. The release event, which will consist of a prelistening session and a moderated panel of artists who have collaborated with the band will take place in conjunction with the Kids on TV retrospective “Hidden Histories & Spectacular Misfits”, which opened on October 19 and will run until November 11. For everyone who won’t be able to see the show here are some pictures of the exhibition itself and the opening night to give you a little impression. All photographs were taken by playwright/filmmaker Jordan Tannahill, who runs the gallery with his partner, actor William Christopher Ellis.

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