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Photographer John Edmonds is based in Washington D.C. and dedicates his work to the representation of masculinities. His portraits show mostly black men and men of color, which he depicts both confident and fragile, sensual and melancholic. The pictures here are publishedc courtesy to the artist, for more of his work please visit his website.

Photographer Daisuke Nakashima, whose wonderful work we’ve already featured here in November 2011, has send us a another beautiful series of pictures taken in the past months. Most of them are part of a body of work entitled “fluorescence”, which explores surfaces and textures of different kinds – especially the human skin. For more of Daisuke’s work please visit his website. You also find a pretty recent video interview with him by VICE Japan on YouTube.

Sara Swaty, In Between & Outside, MontyLos Angeles based photographer Sara Swaty‘s ongoing series “In Between & Outside” portrays and documents individual ideas and expressions of gender and aims to show the variety of gender identities beyond the prevailing man-women dualism. Many of her portraits are accompanied by testimonials in which the models describe their perceptions of gender and gender performance.
The series is currently on view at Art of Studio, Los Angeles and will be shown there until October 20th. For more portraits, the testimonials and project updates visit the In Between & Outside website or Sara’s Facebook or Instagram pages. For more of Sara’s work check out her website or her tumblr.

Sara Swaty, In Between & Outside, Monty


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The pictures below are part of the photo series “I don’t want to sleep alone” by New Dehli based photographer Akshay Mahajan. With the series Akshay explored queer live in Indian cities with the intention not to expose his protagonists, especially focussing on the community around Bangalore based poet and writer Joshua Muyiwa (whose work can be found on his tumblr and is really worth discovering as well). More pictures from the series and a statement that explains the photographer’s intentions can be found on Akshay’s website.

Photographer and Original Plumbing maker Amos Mac has sent us a collection of beautiful pictures from a photo shoot with New York City based writer, visual artist and performance artist Stephen Boyer, one of the co-founders of the The People’s Library and editor of the Occupy Wall Street Poetry Anthology. Stephen has just recently released his debut novel Parasite, which was published by Publication Studies in January and tells the story of a young boy, who runs away from home and becomes a sex worker in San Francisco. You can get a first impression of the book and its author by watching this recording of a reading Steven did at the St Marks Bookstore earlier this year.
The photos of Steven were taken at his home in Chelsea, where he lives in the basement of the former house of Geraldine Page and her husband and partner Rip Torn. The place is today occumpied by Page 22, an arts space managed by Page’s son Tony Torn. All pictures are courtesy Amos Mac.

New York City-based photographer Veretta Cobler‘s book New York Underground 1970-1980 offers beautiful insights into the New York club scene of the disco era and overflows with glam, glitter and sexual tension. The book, which is completely kept in black and white, was published in 2004 by Parkstone International and is currently available for a sale price of 5,00$ on It is also available in German (similarly cheap) and French (a little more expensive), although it is only the photographer’s introduction that differs. Here’s a little preview:

Shot by Zak Krevitt, jewelry by Chris Habana and Santiago Casanova.
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This picture was quite popular on our Facebook page and I like it a lot, so I decided to share it here as well. It was taken by Los Angeles based photographer Catherine Opie for a Rodarte book published in 2011. You can order the publication for a reduced price via Amazon, fore more information about the book check out I found the picture on the consistently amazing CruiseorbeCruised tumblr.

(c) Catherine Opie / Rodarte

In 2003 Beijing/Canton based photographer 223 (civil name Lin Zhipeng) has started a blog, on which he published short texts and photographs, portraying his own and his friend’s everyday live. The website quickly became more and more popular and many followers started to get in touch with 223 to meet him, have sex with him and get photographed by him. At the same time the new-born photographer started exhibiting his photographs, printing first publications and doing shootings for fashion and art magazines such as iLook, S Magazine, beaux magazine or Vision Magazine. His series “In Existence” is currently shown as part of the exhibition “Secret Love” at the Museum of Far Eastern Antiquities in Stockholm amongst the work of other young Chinese photographers such as Ren Hang, who we just recently featured here.
About his work 223 says: “Sexuality and gender have become a central theme for me: the ambiguous; the frivolous; wet kisses exchanged between men; female fetishism; bodily closeness; sexual lust… some viewers flock in, curious, delighted; others snort in derision at the decadence and decline. But I just want to find a freer expression in my photo art. In China’s tradition-laden environment, it may seem as if we of the younger generation already have freedom, but it is freedom that we seek.” For a longer statement please visit the “Secret Love” website, for many more pictures please check out 223′s website. All pictures below courtesy 223.

boychild is an emerging performance and make-up artist currently residing in LA and soon to be based in NYC, whose work after a show at Art Basel Miami and collaborations with Hood By Air and make-up artist Robin Black has spread quickly on the internet during the last few weeks. My most recent contact with the young artist’s work was Jack Halberstam’s lecture “Going Gaga” (see below), which concludes with a video of boychild re-performing Rihanna’s “Rude Boy” during a show San Francisco – a performance which for Halberstam stands for a new sort of ”wildness” in pop culture that subverts and transforms ideas of gender, race and sexuality. The following collection of photos and videos show some of boychild’s most recent works and collaborations – for more of the beautiful make-up looks please check out boychild @ Instagram (preview below).

For Hood By Air S/S 2013, September 2012


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Photographer and writer Ren Hang was born in Changchun, the capital of the Jilin provinc in northeastern China. Today he lives and works in Beijing, where he has just recently graduated from the Advertising Department of the Communication University of China. His playful, bold and often grotesque photographs of nudes are currently featured in the exhibition “Secret Love” at the Museum of Far Eastern Antiquities in Stockholm, Sweden. The exhibition runs until March 31 and highlights the work by contemporary Chinese artists, focussing on questions of identity and sexuality. You find more of Hang’s photograpy on his Tumblr and on his website, where he also publishes his poems and where you can order his self-publisehd books. For a short portrait of the artist by “Secret Love” curator Si Han check out the museum’s website. All pictures posted below where shot in 2012 and are published here with the kind permission of the artist.

Many pictures of Tokyo based photographer Daisuke Nakashima at first sight look like snapshots, but according to the artist they were all set up carefully, focusing on what he calls “the gap in the rhythm of life between myself and others”. Nakashima portrays his surrounding environment and the people within it, seeking to create distinct atmospheres, while leaving enough a lot of space for the viewer’s imagination. Most of the photographs below have been published in his photo book “each other” from 2008, which can be ordered both via Seigensha Art Publishing (Japan) or via Dashwood Books (US). For more of his work and current exhibitions check out his website.