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How can we be a community if we exploit each other? In this wonderfully cynical, yet melancholic and passionate performance / lecture / reading, Berlin based artist and performer Mysti reflects on self-employment and exploitation in the field of cultural production and questions the notion of a queer community by revealing its underlying power-structures in terms of race, class and gender. The lecture mixes performative elements with (queer-)feminist theory and personal anecdotes and was recorded on June 10 at Raumererweiterungshalle Berlin. A text version can be found on Mysti’s blog Fuck Me While I’m Gorgeous.


Expatriarch Radio has been running on a monthly basis since early 2010, collecting transgenre music selections with a queer-feminist focus, placing special emphasis on Berliner artists as well as international acts touring through Berlin. The 50th episode dropped last week, premiering new, unreleased cuts by Alexander Geist (produced by Snax), Rodeo and Perera Elswhere (in the form of a rRoxymore remix). It’s now streaming online at Expatriarch’s site (along with all past episodes).

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Denise Jolly and Sonya Renee are two champion spokenword artists and activists now visiting Europe (dates below). On Thursday 13 February in Berlin, they will have a workshop @ 1730 at Waterloo-Ufer. That same night, Lady Gaby hosts a night of spoken word and poetry with both as special guests.

WORD BANK, the spokenword performance show presents: DENISE JOLLY & SONYA RENEE
Thursday 13 February @ 21:00
Schloss Neuschweinsteiger
Emser Str. 122/123, 12051 Neukölln, Berlin

Denise Jolly Be Beautiful ProjectDenise Jolly is the founder of the Be Beautiful Project, a 30 day visual and public art project that received major international coverage including Huffington Post and Global News Canada.  She is currently the 5th ranked female performance poet worldwide. Denise has taught, performed, and hosted in a wide range of organizations including universities, community centers, and private/public schools. She has also demonstrated a passion and skill for working with student populations and was a past Executive Director of Youth Speaks Seattle. She likes doing great things with amazing people and being moved by art, community and how the two work together.

Sonya Renee The Body Is Not An ApologySonya Renee believes in the life-shifting power of art; its ability to challenge, engage, and heal the human spirit. She is an author, educator, and queer activist who has mesmerized audiences across three continents as well as in prisons, mental health treatment facilities, homeless shelters, universities, and public schools. In 2011, a terribly frightening act of posting a profile picture of herself in a saucy black corset turned into an empowering unapologetic act of self-love. This founded the international movement The Body is Not An Apology which is transforming people’s relationships with themselves worldwide and attracts attention from publications like New York Magazine.

Denise and Sonya are additionally performing at the following cities:

  • München 10 Feb @ 20h Poetry in Motion, Lyrik Kabinett, Amalienstraße 83a
  • Hamburg 12 Feb @ 20h Best of Poetry Slam, Ernst Deutsch Theater, Friedrich-Schütter-Platz 1
  • Berlin 13 Feb workshop and performance as described above
  • Frankfurt 14 Feb @ 2030h Poetry Slam! Frankfurt, Café 1, FH Frankfurt, Nibelungenplatz 1



My buddy Alexander Geist and I just released our second collaboration, “A Woman’s Right to Choose”, a single / art poster with an accompanying music video, in honor of WikiLeaker Chelsea Manning, who was recently sentenced to 35 years in a men’s prison without access to hormone therapy. While preparing for the single release concert (Thursday, December 5 at Monarch, Berlin), Alexander compiled a list of his current YouTubespirations.

1. Tami Tamaki “I Never Loved This Hard This Fast Before”

“I think this record was on of the most enticing things I heard all year, it’s so tenderly raunchy and unexpected, isn’t it? I just want to roll around on that mattress with Tami, hold her to against my chest and whisper, ‘Sing to me lover.’ She can also do really cool magic tricks with coins.”

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JD Samson by Mari Juliano

JD Samson by Mari Juliano

As Emma Goldman kinda sorta (but not really) once said, “If I can’t dance, it’s not my revolution.” With that in mind, this week JD Samson is kicking off a mini DJ tour in Europe and Mexico, and of course hitting her home turf Brooklyn. This follows the newly released Labor, her second album with MEN, which bears the single “Making Art”—check the new music video below.

Being the laborious lady that she is, JD also sings and appears in “Win”, the new single/vid from French band The Aikiu, and she’s just shared a new mixtape that she put together (including Beyoncé, Sylvester and Cajmere). The mustachioed riot woman also took the time to offer some insight to Siegessäule magazine on MEN’s evolution, work versus art and self versus persona. Here is the original untranslated version of our interview. MORE >>>


GODMOTHER, the band by our contributor Joey Hansom, has just released a new 7″ entitled “These Things Take Time”. The record is out now via New Pangea and can be ordered and downloaded on the new label’s Bandcamp page. It is also accompanied by a new video for the title track, which was directed by Monika Dorniak and Darryl Natale and edited by Nuclear Family‘s Nikolaj Tange Lange. I especially recommend the band’s upcoming gig at the TAINT party at Südblock on Thursday 14, where they will play alongside Mexico City based artist Zemmoa, who we’ve interviewed earlier this year and who will play her first Berlin gig. For more upcoming GODMOTHER gigs please visit their Facebook page.

Photo by Blioux

We are stoked to premier M. Lamar’s new video “Trying to Leave My Body” taken from the album Speculum Orum: Shackled to The Dead. Directed by the artist himself, the video is a dramatic interpretation of his luscious single shot in black and white.

You can read more about the singer and pianist in an interview we posted earlier this year.

M. Lamar will also perform the theatre piece Surveillance Punishment & The Black Psyche on Saturday, Oct. 26th in New York. Surveillance plunges the deepest darkest depths of interracial desire and our interracial culture. Musically and theatrically the piece explores the internalisation of power and oppression and how blackness is in white supremacy always under surveillance and subject to punishment.

A euro tour will follow with a show in Berlin on Nov. 22nd at the Hans Otto Theater Potsdam. You can get tickets at the box office or by sending an E-mail.

Further dates below:

Södra Teatern-Stockholm, Sweden, November 18th 2013
WAREHOUSE9-Copenhagen, Denmark, November 23rd 2013

Picture: Blioux


Nearly a year has passed by since we’ve featured Crime‘s debut video “This Party Blows” in one of our Music Tickers and about half a year since they’ve contributed to our PICK 5 series. During that period Berliners Mika Risiko (Sissters) and Sarah Adorable (Scream Club) have constantly been touring around Europe and working on their music, a persistency that now seems to be paying out for the duo: With their debut EP ”Epiphany” Crime are taking a huge step forward and have given their industrial pop sound a new final touch by working with Danish artist and producer Heidi Mortenson, who has mixed & mastered it. You can stream and and download the EP below, after the little interview we’ve done with Crime to learn more about their collaborative project and the work an the record.

How did you meet each other and what made you decide to start a band project together?

Sarah: We met on a sunny summer afternoon on a magical boat ride while eating magic mushrooms. We felt this was a good sign, one that could only lead to greatness. Later that day we discovered that we have the same birthday and our fate as a band was sealed.

CrimeIn which ways would you say you are complementing each other regarding your experiences as musicians?

Sarah: I always tell Mika that her hair looks good.

Mika: Once Sarah passed out after half a bottle of Whiskey i’m there to finish the leftovers.

Do you have a division of labor in the project, different kinds of responsibilities?

Mika: besides that i’m the only one drunk driving the car, it’s not really a division rather a multiplication of talents. for example we discovered a very interesting technique of writing lyrics. I start recording vocals in terms of rhythm and melody in some sorta fake fantasy language and sarah is interpreting the mumbly words so we write it down according to the theme of the song we set.

You both are very active protagonists in Berlin’s queer community. Do you think this reflects in the music and lyrics or in the way yo approach your audience?

We see life as a whole and art as being a reflection of what surrounds us on a daily basis. We’re not doing specifically “queer art” just because we’re happen to be queer. But of course if we’re singing about an orgy it’s probably about a queer one.
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I’m super happy to announce this: Catch Fire, NowMomentNow and the Queer Film Archive Berlin (QFAB) are bringing a gem of contemporary queer film and its maker to Berlin: WILDNESS by Los Angeles based artist and filmmaker Wu Tsang is a documentary portrait of the Silver Platter, a bar in city’s MacArthur Park area, which has been home for Latin/LBGT immigrant communities since the early sixties. The movie, which premiered at  MoMA’s Documentary Fortnight and was shown earlier this year at SXSW and the Whitney Biennial, explores what happened when Wu and and DJs NGUZUNGUZU & Total Freedom started a experimental party entitled “Wildness” at the Silver Platter, which brought a new clientele and new cultural impulses to the place.
Like our MOVEMENT! screening event we will show the film at SHIFT Berlin and are very happy that Wu Tsang will join us for the screening and a director’s talk afterwards. Come over, join us un Facebook and feel free to share this with your friends!

Film screening and director’s talk
Saturday, November 2, 21:00
Köpenicker Str. 70, 3 Euro



After performing at the Janus party at Chester’s last Saturday, legendary Bounce queen Katey Red will play a second Europe Berlin gig at Südblock tomorrow (Oct 15). Katey is a pioneer of the New Orleans Bounce scene and has been around since the late Nineties, when she signed to the famous Bounce label Take Fo’ Records and released her first hit “Melpomene Block Party (Dirty)”, which is still a classic of the genre. As a trans artist she paved the way for “sissy bounce” artists like Big Freedia, Sissy Nobby and Nicky Da B and is more productive than ever while remaining one of the scene’s most important faces – fans of Treme might remember her from her appearances in the show in 2011, she also appeared in Big Freedia’s “Queen of Bounce” last year. At Südblock Katey will be suported by Rusty Lazer, another central figure of Bounce music and manager of artists such as Big Freedia (2009-2012) and Nicky Da B (see below with Diplo) as well as Berlin’s very own Black Cracker, who will perform new tracks such as the beautifully contemplative piece ”BACK”, which he released a few weeks ago.
As an introduction to her approach to Bounce music and culture, Katey has put together a commented list of her five favorite Bounce videos and tracks for our ongoing PICK 5 series - a great warm-up for everyone who will be able to attend the gig tomorrow and a Bounce history lesson + a great opportinuty to get up and move the lower part of your body for everyone else. For more information about the event tomorrow presented by DTM aka Doing The Most, S&yM and eVe without Adam and more links to the artist please check out Facebook or download the flyer (PDF).

1. Fly Boy Keno – St. Bernard

“St. Bernard is the name of a legendary housing project from New Orleans. The song is written for folks who rep that project, which has since been torn down in the aftermath of Katrina.”

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The 16th Trans*tagung (trans*-convention) in Berlin is coming up (October 3-6). Luce deLire and Markues spoke about it:

Luce deLire_Slutwalk_ photo: Markues

Luce, you are one of the organizers of the annual Trans*tagung in Berlin. There is an inter*-Tagung as well and I was wondering how it would be to have a gay-tagung, a lesbian-tagung these days or a straight-tagung (if this isn’t the Bundestag) – tell me why do you think there is none of the latter or if there is a need for it?

You are right to pose this question, adressing the difficulties and differences among a diverse crowd which may be called “queer scene”. In the same moment, the question seems a bit weird as there is no proper distinction between those categories. It is not necessarily the case that you are either trans* or gay or inter* or lesbian or. Categories seem to cut through here. There’s room for a lot of different approaches and lived realities at the Trans*-tagung, depending on the workshops we get, responding to our call (extended until 31.08.2013). So if you read this send us stuff. In the same moment, your question also adresses the problem of “safe/r spaces”, community organizing and trans*-politics.

One overview of what trans*-politics could actually be is Dean Spades Video “Impossibility Now”. Please explain for us the specifics of the upcoming Trans*tagung in this broader context?

It’s true, trans*politics are part of broader political landscapes and movements. Spade explains the relationship between neoliberalism/ prison-industrial-compex/ homonationalism/ pink washing and trans*-politics. Important for him is the deconstitution of state power – to replace the penalty system, the police and other given transphobic institutions by collective care and strategies like “listening to each other” and “imagining another world together”. I am not saying that this is the definitive aim of this Trans*tagung – for we never talked about it. I think if trans*politics can achieve to strengthen trans* and queer communities in order to build some solidarity and bring people together so that they can imagine their lifes collectively, we may have won something.

This years motto is “Trans*, schön Fem(me)nistisch!”. How did you choose it and how is it connected to the discussions in the Berlin based scene? How is the strong critique of a group of queer people of color posted prominently around the transgenialer CSD reflected here?

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Daniel Kupferberg, Extended Loop, 2008

Daniel Kupferberg’s show <Antenne> is a good opportunity to get in touch with his ‘new & less new’ work. And to visit Another Vacant Space for the opening thursday evening.
Daniel is a visual artist and friend in a broader sense. His work seems kind of artsy at first sight (in a first half of the 20th century way) and I like to point out its potential openness, categories everyone can relate to: a body in space, structural positioning of a subject in its society, you in a temporary configuration of space. As it is quite easy to criticize this ‘neutral’ constellation as whiteuromalericanstraight I rather would not go for the identity of the artists here than for their gesture the works imply. The sculpture <Loop> exampifies this – provisional bolted boards form a loop, accessing and redefining a space _and_ measuring the space radius of the artist’s and the viewers body. The gesture isn’t overwhelming, it’s not about following the artist’s intention. It is rather about capturing variety and fragility, about the state of potentiality which offers realization without excluding <you>.

Another Vacant Space, Biesentalerstraße 16, 13359

open thu – sun, 14 – 19 h, until 18.08.2013.