I’m a freelance writer based in Berlin. I started this blog two years ago as a way of breaking free from the boundaries of print journalism (like release dates or the pressure to always have a strong opinion about everything) and to find a place where I could put interesting stuff that I knew wouldn’t really make it into the magazines I write for. Since then the site is constantly changing and slightly becoming more of a magazine, while my English is getting better every day.

The site simply reflects my taste in (pop-)cultur, although it has a certain focus on artists background, which is sometimes intended, sometimes not. I also want the site to be a place that is able to connect people from different places in the world and that works as a platform for new stuff that hasn’t really made it into bigger sites or magazines yet. This is why I’m always open for good ideas, contributions and guest posts.

Feel free to contact me via contact@catch-fire.com. Help with improving the design of the page and with it’s technical side is also always welcome, as well as advertisement requests. And don’t forget to spread the word if you like it here.