Handjerks: New video “On a Verge” + Debut EP


Handjerks is Julian Bauer, a Berlin resident with roots both in Germany and Norway, who is described by his label New Pangea as an artist rather based “in film, literature, philosophy and Scandinavian studies” than music. A fact that I wouldn’t have assumed at all listening to “On a Verge”, the centerpiece his debut EP “Indexical”, which is out July 14: “On a Verge” is an interesting combination of experimental and minimalist pop arrangements and a strong voice that carries the song through all it’s unexpected twists and turns.

The video for “On a Verge” was shot in an East Neukölln neighborhood named “High-Deck-Siedlung” by director Paola Calvo, whose BDSM documentary ‘Violently Happy’, was released earlier this year. If you dig the song and the video + live in Berlin, we recommend to you attending the “Indexical” release concert this Thursday, July 13 at ACUD (Facebook event here). You can also pre-oder “Indexical” via Bandcamp.

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