Mysti: Da Da Daddy Hasselhoff (Video)


I wanted to introduce Mysti as a “Berlin based performer and writer”, but then realized that she would probably never consider herself a “performer” or a “writer”. Because she is Mysti, and as Mysti seeks for different ways of representation, ways beyond words that are used in CVs and intros for blog posts. And, because it is her approach to use negativity in a fruitful way, while trying not to falling into the trap of representation.

Traps like the ones she describes in “Da Da Daddy Hasselhoff”, a reading she did as part of the program surrounding the exhibition “Father Figures Are Hard To Find”, which was shown earlier this year at nGbK Gallery in Berlin-Kreuzberg (co-organized by our contributor Markues). I have a hard time summing up the many things Mysti’s text is about, but I would say that it is first of all a critical reflection on contemporary art, interwoven with a short contextualization of her own work.

And there is more: The text also deals with the identity struggles and questions of belonging in times when being an artist means that you have to exploit the people around you. It also talks about the struggle of representing the „lack“ in art. And then, Mysti dares to accuse everybody’s darling and saint Danh Vo of exploiting his father, while at the same time she deals with her own father’s inability to relate to art. So don’t believe a word when she says she will bore you.

A transcript of the text can be found on Mysti’s highly recommended holdmyhairback blog.

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