Mister Wallace: “It Girl” (Video)

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After we’ve already introduced you to the fab Chicago label FUTUREHOOD through up-and-coming rap artist Kaycee Ortiz two weeks ago, we continue our deep devotion for the label’s output with a new video by label founder and rap artist Mister Wallace. “It Girl” is the single of his highly recommended FAGGOT EP and is not only has a beat to die for, but as a hymn for radical self-love also contains a strong political message:

“I wrote ‘It Girl’ over the course of 2014 as the Black Lives Matter movement was gaining national recognition,” The FADER quotes the rapper. “It became clear to me that before I could realize any dream of being a successful artist, I was more likely to become world famous for being gunned down by a racist cop under the protection of the law. I started to imagine how my image would be used by the media to perpetuate this horrific narrative to younger people and it sent me over the edge. ‘It Girl’ became my anthem and it kept me alive at a time when lovers and employers felt my blackness and my queerness had gone too far from what’s acceptable to mainstream society.”

Like the song, the video by director Ahmed Ibrahim represents an idea of broken glamour and is a cynical comment on the American Dream, while showing Mr. Wallace both in rather butch “street” moments and striking poses in front of a set of mirrors. According to Ibrahim the budget for the clip was only 400 $, but hey, who cares about a low budget if you can shoot legs like those, right?

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