Game Changer: Kaycee Ortiz

Kaycee Ortiz

I couldn’t think of a better artist to be featured in the first posting on this page in two years than Chicago based rapper Kaycee Ortiz. I discovered her when I was searching for music that I could play as part of the Berlin based hip hop DJ duo Stitch & Tchuani (= my friend Dominik Djialeu and I), and since we first heard Kaycee’s debut mixtape Beach Street, we have been playing her tracks at every single gig we’ve done.

Beat Street was released on the super queer and super exciting label FUTUREHOOD (that has also just recently released the Mister Wallace’s Faggot EP) and is full of solid bangers (16 tracks) that are soundwise futuristic and pop-oriented at the same time, while the empowering lyrics are deeply rooted in the here and now. Kaycee has dedicated the record to her grandmother and through it pays tribute to the memorable moment when she bought her her first home on Beach Street in Mobile, Alabama.

Kaycee’s latest release “Yes Bish Yes” is a remix of Nicki Minaj’s 2014 track “Yasss Bish!” and once more shows that this one is here to stay. And if you want to see her in action, I really recommend the video for her track “Bitch Pudding” from last year. I’m excited to see her coming for the throne + looking forward to everything that will happen along the way!

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