Daniel Kupferberg @ Another Vacant Space, Berlin

Daniel Kupferberg, Extended Loop, 2008

Daniel Kupferberg’s show <Antenne> is a good opportunity to get in touch with his ‘new & less new’ work. And to visit Another Vacant Space for the opening thursday evening.
Daniel is a visual artist and friend in a broader sense. His work seems kind of artsy at first sight (in a first half of the 20th century way) and I like to point out its potential openness, categories everyone can relate to: a body in space, structural positioning of a subject in its society, you in a temporary configuration of space. As it is quite easy to criticize this ‘neutral’ constellation as whiteuromalericanstraight I rather would not go for the identity of the artists here than for their gesture the works imply. The sculpture <Loop> exampifies this – provisional bolted boards form a loop, accessing and redefining a space _and_ measuring the space radius of the artist’s and the viewers body. The gesture isn’t overwhelming, it’s not about following the artist’s intention. It is rather about capturing variety and fragility, about the state of potentiality which offers realization without excluding <you>.

Another Vacant Space, Biesentalerstraße 16, 13359

open thu – sun, 14 – 19 h, until 18.08.2013.

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