Stream: Jack Halberstam – “Going Gaga; Chaos, Anarchy and the Wild” @ ICI Berlin

What do Jay-Z/Kayne West, rapper Angel Haze and emerging performance artist Boychild have in common? All three of them are prophets of a new social (dis-)order, at least  in the eyes of queer theorist Jack Halberstam, who believes that we might slowly be drifting towards a new order of queer anarchy and post-civilisation. With the lecture “Going Gaga – Chaos, Anarchy and the Wild”, which derives from the book Gaga Feminism from last year and was held both at Silverfuture and at ICI Berlin last week, Halberstram tried to make these shifts in the meaning of sexuality and gender in contemporary pop culture visible. The  idea was to perceive these cultural moments of “wildness”, especially in the field of music, as indicators for bigger changes in society as a whole, defining “anarchy” in a new, more abstract and less formalized way.
The talk is now online and can be streamed on the ICI website (If you ever wanted to know what my voice sounds like stream discussion video 3). Below you find a little excerpt the center uploaded on YouTube, and I posted some additional video material of stuff mentioned in the lecture below that. For more Halberstam please check out and

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