“In a Quare Time and Place” – Book Presentation @ Transmediale Berlin

If you live in Berlin and don’t have plans for tomorrow yet, we might have something for you: Queer theorist, drag performer and Catch Fire contributor Tim Stüttgen (Post/Porn/Politics) has just recently finished a new book entitled In a Quare Time and Place and will present it Haus der Kulturen der Welt on the last day of the transmediale festival. The book, which deals according to Tim deals with “post/slavery, Queer of Color politics, debates around intersectionality and assamblage, blaxploitation cinema and Sun Ras afrofuturism” (as mapped out in his most famous movie Space is the place, still on top), will be released in a few weeks and be presented to the public for the first time. The event takes place tomorrow, February 3rd, at 2 pm in the Konferenzsaal K1, for more detailed information please check out this link. And if you’re already there, we can also recommend you two other queer events – the talk by artist and theorist Sandy Stone (4pm) and the performance Eier haben by legendary drag artist Diane Torr (Venus Boyz, Man for a Day) and a group of other performers (6:30pm, followed by a conversation between Torr and Warbear).

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