“Coco” Silk Scarves By Margaret Haines

My first time I came upon the work of Los Angeles artist Margaret Haines was when I found her beautiful video she made for her friend Dan Bodan‘s single “Nudity and Atrocity”, which was released in spring last year. The video is one of her artistic “trailers” anticipating her feature movie “Coco”, which will be released later this year. For the film Haines invented “Coco”, a female character, who she characterises as “very girly, hysteric and into horses” and who tries to deal with her delusions of making it in the pop business.
After a performance at Los Angeles Contemporary Exhibitions (LACE), a sound installation at the Cirrus Gallery, and a sculptural presentation at Commonwealth and Council Gallery, Haines has just recently finished another two studies of the Coco character. The first one is the book “Coco x Love With Stranger”, which was launched with an event at the LA book stork Ooga Booga in December. The publication references the style of Eigthies’ fanzines and teen pulp novels and like the film is loosely based on motives of the story of Don Quixote, exploring different facets of female identity. It is published by New Byzantium in an edition of 500.
The second new “trailer” is a collection of silk scarfs, which are printed with stills from the “Coco” films and which you can discover on the pictures below. For more information about the film and her work please visit Margaret Haines website.

All pictures (c) Margaret Haines

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