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Abdu Ali’s Favorite Places in Baltimore

When I interviewed Abdu Ali Eaton aka Abdu Ali about his “Eat On This” blog earlier this year, he had already released his first song “Banjee Musick” and told me that he was working hard on his career as an artist and performer. Since then, a lot has happened: Abdu has released his first (free) EP “Invictos” with steamy tracks by Schwarz, DJ Lemz, and JLamar, successfully merging influences from Ballroom culture, Witch Hop and Baltimore Club. He has also played a couple of debut gigs in his hometown Baltimore and New York in the last few weeks and has just recently released a new video for the EP track “360″, which pays tribute to his Baltimore community and is a great visualization of his musical approach. New Yorkers will have the chance to see him live in a few days alongside House of Ladosha and Cakes da Killa at the GAZE 4 DAZE New Year’s Eve party at Public Assembly (check out the event on Facebook).

For Catch Fire Abdu has prepared a commented picture series of his five favorite places in Baltimore and gives us a little insight on different aspects of his everyday live. It is the second contribution to our new “Favorite Places” section, which was started by Berlin based artist Rodeo a few weeks ago. Picture on top by Holly Miller.

  • #1 Bath
    "Tranquility/Humility/Solitude = VICE. I love to take baths. I prefer them over showers. I get in and make sure the bath is really hot. I like the way the heat makes me feel alive. The bath is a way of having nirvana on land. Water is cleansing. I feel relieved of chaos every time, I take a bath, as I wash myself from feet to ear. I usually prep the bath by lighting candles, incents, and playing either Sade or some other ethereal music. The best part is when I stand and dry my self off and wrap the towel around me. I feel reborn. I do this every single day."

  • #2 Cult Boutique
    "This place is legendary in Baltimore. It captures the soul of the charming grime that manifests in the air of Baltimore. It's my home away from home. Every cool motha fucka from BMORE graced the floors of and sported clothing from CULT. You can find screen printed classic tees/sweaters of Elizabeth Taylor, Marcus Garvey, and Kate Moss doing coke lines. No fake shit exist on the racks of CULT. %100 Baltimore realness. Swag's grandparents was birthed there. Tf you saying? (In the photo is the owner, JP)."

  • #3 The Stage/ANNEX/Specifically 2E
    "When I came back from Brooklyn, the first spot I performed in Baltimore was @ The Annex, specifically 2E home of the cool kids (SHOUT OUT TO JAY, PONYO, + KAT). It was live. It felt so good. It was Baltimore...crabs on the sea shore covered in chocolate glamour. It glitters and the space is just a good place to feel you beat and slay the stage. But more precisely my favorite place to be is on stage and to perform in Baltimore too. It's a high. I feel like Apollo the god."

  • #4 Station North Arts Cafe
    "If you want to some good food with family quality customer service, Station North Arts Cafe is the spot. It's in the heart of Baltimore, and the owners Kevin & Bill make you feel so special inside. They support local artists and often host gallery shows and music events. It's just one of those you have come in and experience for yourself."

  • #5 Baltimore Museum of Art Sculpture Gardens
    "This is the place. This is the garden of my first love. Me and him use to go here and have sushi picnics. We only did it a few times. But I remember that I fell in love with him there. He's the guy that took away my innocence or helped it pass. It's so beautiful. It's composed of multiple mini gardens in one huge space adjacent to the gallery. I hardly go there now though. I should try to. I get emotional thinking about it. The sculptures there are simple, yet abstract, sort of like what we had...very metaphysical. It's a place of poetry."


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