6 Zines You Might Like

Zine culture has been a little underrepresented on this blog in the last few months, but this doesn’t mean we haven’t kept our eyes and ears open for exciting publications from around the world. Here’s what we’ve found. To keep us updated about new online and print magazines and interesting zine projects feel free to contact us via contact@catch-fire.com!




OSSU is described by its editors (Japanese artists Hanayo, Fumiko Imano and Twotom) as “the first photo magazine to explore male sexuality in Japan” and features the work of both the zine’s makers and guest contributors. OSSU 2 was released in September at the Tokyo Art Book Fair and cosists of six separate booklets held together by a band that resembles a jockstrap band. If you wanna order the zine from outside of Japan, please note that the order form on the website is in Japanese, so you might have to contact the editors to purchase it. Pictures via My Digital Notepad.




XXX is a series of queer art zines by artists from Canada and around the world, published by 88Books, an independent publisher based in Vancouver specialized on books by emerging and lesser-known artists from China (Their online shop is really worth having a closer look at). Featured artists of the first 10 issues are Denis Lessard, Larry Glawson, Andrew Zealley, Doug Melnyk, Ho Tam, Kegan McFadden, Dennis Day, Micah Lexier, William Yang and Dave Grywinski. You can currently order all 10 issues in a set for 90€ on the zine’s website.

3. MAKE OUT Magazine



The bi-lingual (German-English) queer-feminist Make Out zine is based in Berlin, the first issue “Nerd” was released in February and was presented for the first time at the Berlin ZineFest. Its makers – amongst them our contributor Joey – want to reflect their different political and cultural backgrounds by connecting different topics such as science, art, politics and music. The second issue “Heidi” should be out in the next few weeks. You can buy the zine in shops all over Germany and in Vienna (check out this list).


GABASHO is the self-published zine by Mexicali based artist Julio Torres Salcedo, who also runs the wonderful MIXED MEDIA tumblr. The zines shows different sides of Salcedo’s work, such as his sketches for shirt prints from his FANART series, drawings, photographs, modified web pics, and text. You can download it for free on the artist’s tumblr.




FAQNP is a print magazine about and for queer nerds, focussing on the everyday-live and everyday-culture of the next-door geek, who is usually under-represented in mainstream media. The first issue “Obsession” launched in April 2010 is already sold out, but you can still order issue #2 (“Computer Camp”), #3 (“A Queer Nerd Travel”) and #4 (“Science Fiction & Fantasy”) on the zine’s website. You can also still contribute to the upcoming fifth issue entitled “The Education of the Queer Nerd”.



No Website

COCK AU SOLEIL is a very secretive gay porn zine project edited by an artist duo called Arthur Dumpling & Scaryietta and published by the French art collective Le Gros Monsieur. The zine’s first issue entitled “Pain” was released in September and is already sold out (for a small insight check out the pictures above), the second issue “Hanky Code & Bear” will supposedly be released in spring next year and (like the first one) will only be available by email request via legrosmonsieur@gmail.com. The zine is also open to contributions, deadline for submissions is the end of January. For more information check out this page on the Le Gros Monsieur website.

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