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Rodeo’s Favorite Places in Berlin

Next Monday Berlin-based Australian rapper and musician Rodeo will drop her new “Leisure Forever” EP, the artist’s third release via Leonizer Records. Like Rodeo’s previous releases “When It Reigns” and “Sold Me Out” the two-tracks record, which can already be pre-listened to on Soundcloud, is wonderfully catchy, and it comes with a whole bunch of remixes by a great team of remixers. Amongst them are artists such as JD Samson, Rodeo’s Mystic Knights band mate Tusk, Toulouse based producer D.L.i.d and Black Cracker, who has also contributed a couple of rhymes to the EP track “On The Road” and shot the beautiful new video to the synth-hop anthem “Home Run”.
For Catch Fire the Berliner-by-choice has put together a list of her favorite places and things in the city, illustrated by a bunch of photos she sent us, which give a little insight into how she lives and works. (Click here if picture slider doesn’t show, picture on top by Bex Wade)

  • #1 My Studio
    "This is, of course, one of my favourite places in Berlin! I am lucky enough to be able to make music from home, I have a a room in my apartment dedicated to all things noise-making and particularly during the colder winter months I am holed up in here making Rodeo songs."

  • #2 Efa's Froyo*
    "I am so into Froyo as ironic as that might be. And this place is really good, it is kind of far away from where I live so if I am in the area I usually find any excuse to visit there. They also have all these crazy seasonal flavours which are a total winner. It is totally sugar free and highly delicious!"

  • #3 Teufelsberg
    "I have been to Teufelsberg maybe four times and each time I am there for hours taking loads of photos and staring out into the distance over the forests and towards the centre of Berlin. It is so eerie and magical there, things like this just don't really exist where I am from so I am still totally in awe of it and love taking visitors there to experience it. Also, it makes it even cooler knowing that David Lynch wanted to buy it to create a Transcendental Meditation School there, can you imagine!"

  • #4 My Cats At Home
    "These two guys, Ee and Oskar, are just the best. They are really helpful studio assistants and are always sweet to snuggle when I am frustrated with a song not going as planned. This is them hanging out in the Glyph Berlin ** studio.."

  • #5 "Furby House"***
    "This apartment building is really close to where I live and every time I go passed I have to stop and chuckle to myself. It looks like Furby right?! Or some sort of weird creature puckering up for a kiss? I can just see the architect signing off on the project, and then seeing it in it's completed form and being all proud, then someone handing him a picture of a Furby and then him curling up into a ball of what-have-I-done embarrassment. I, personally, think it is awesome."

  • #6 Coffee
    "Anyone that knows me, and know people who don't, understand that coffee is a giant part of my life. I am to say the very least pretty well addicted. But I am also a bit of a snob and enjoy good coffee and can't subject myself to the bad stuff. Some of my favourite places to go are Passenger (Oppelnerstrasse), Gipfelltreffen (Görlitzerstrasse 68) and Katies Blue Cat (Falkensteinstrasse). I have also been making coffee for like 6 years or something crazy and think that I can whip up quite the delicious brew!"

Efa’s Froyo
** Glyph Berlin
*** “Furby House” (=”Hejduk Tower”)
**** Passenger / Gipfeltreffen / Katies Blue Cat

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