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The “Good Blogs” section exists since I’ve started this blog, but instead of keeping on with just reviewing other people’s websites, I’ve decided that it would be more productive to turn the whole thing into an actual exchange with my favorite bloggers. So from now on the “Good Blogs” postings will contain short interviews with the people who run the recommended sites, starting with a talk with Baltimore based blogger Abdu Ali Eaton, the guy behind the pretty awesome culture blog Eat On This. The blog exists since February 2010 and has a focus on music, fashion and art, with a heavy bent on queer artists and artist from Baltimore. Here’s what Abdu wrote me about his work.

What was your main inspiration/motivation to start your own blog? Did you have any experience with writing before it?

I first started writing for local media outlets in Baltimore, but it wasn’t progressive enough and dependable for me to continue writing for other folks in Baltimore. I was getting frustrated so I started my own shit. I always wanted to give passionate unconventional unknown artist a platform to show their works and let people hear about these great artist that aren’t mainstream, so I did Eat On This for that. Plus to fufill my want to just be able to write too. So it was like a good exchange in a way. “Eat On This” came from my lastname Eaton and it sends a good message too.

How and where do you find the subjects for your postings?

I just use what’s around me. I get great things from my immediate circle of friends because a lot of them are into the arts, also from certain blogs, and a couple of universal media outlets. Sometimes it’s even from browsing social networking sites like Tumblr especially, or soundcloud where artists promote their own works.

Did you ever delete a post right after you finished writing it or even after posting it? And of yes, what was it about?

No, I’ve edited a lot of old posts, just because I thought the writing could be better. And I just deleted some post that I thought were too mainstream and trendy.

Where do you want to take the blog, do you have certain aims you want to achieve with it?

With me being a performer now*, I want to make more about my journey as a music artist, but also invite other artists to be interviewed on my blog. It’s strictly going to be interviews. Nothing else. I want to keep it like a diary, no magazine, I like the intimacy a blog provides to it’s readers and the non-exclusiveness.

* here’s Abdu’s latest musical output:

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