BCALLA: More LQQKS, “Lazy Hunter” Collection, “A Alternatives” on Kickstarter

BCALLA is a pretty awesome, pretty experimental post-gender fashion label run by Brad Callahan, a graduate from The School of the Art Institute of Chicago. About a year ago we’ve already posted about his BCALLA LQQKS project, which ran until earlier this year. With the monthly series Callahan and his beautiful models (most of them queer artists and performers such as Colin Self, Jake Dibeler or Juliana Huxtable Ladosha) presented different looks available for limited purchase for a limited time. Here are some more of the LQQKS that were created after our last posting:

The first BCALLA collection “Lazy Hunter”, which follows the motive of a tribe of hunters coming to the city, was launched in Brooklyn in February with a show at Snowy Wilderness. Here are a couple of the look book pictures, pictures of the collection presentation can be found on this blog.

(Side note: One of the shoes that is part of the collection (the Kline BC”) and that was created in collaboration with The Damned can now be ordered online via Solestruck)

You can currently support a new BCALLA collaboration on Kickstarter: Artist Isaac Richard is raising money for a “multimedia play for screen & stage” starring his feminist character/persona Sally Johnson. The play will feature five different actors playing Sally and wearing different BCALLA outfits, which will be part of the label’s new Spring/Summer 2013 collection. For more information on the project check out the video below or visit its Kickstarter page. You can donate until August 24th.

“A Alternatives” on Kickstarter

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