Chilean Artist Felipe Bracelis about his YESSR-Magazine

Artist Felipe Bracelis has many talents, whether he designs digital origami out of porn pictures, models for kinky fanzines or curates exhibitions under his YESSR label in his hometown Santiago de Chile and in other places. Just recently he exported his curator skills to Canada, where he hosted YESSR4 “Flesh Garden” in collaboration with La Petite Mort Gallery in Ottawa. He’s currently working on pieces for a new solo show at the Acuadrado Gallery in Santiago, which will open in November 2012. For Catch Fire, Felipe has written a little introduction to his YESSR photo magazine, of which he has already published four issues and is dedicated to the motive of nude male amateur models in nature. Alongside with the text, you’ll also have the chance to take a look at some pictures of the fifth issue, which will be released in August.

“The concept behind YESSR Magazine can be defined as ‘Nature’, anything that is a true creation of nature, whether it is the body or a landscape. I try to portray the beautiful locations I go to when I travel, and that I see in my own natural surrounding. I also focus on photographing the wonderful man I meet, friends & flirts, my heart is always very fixed on the mates and crushes I can develop on the way, I never block myself to any of this. Anything that is extra special to me is portrayed in this publication.

It all started out with a trip I made with my boyfriend to the countryside in Chile to rest and get inspired etc. I always had done nude shots of him in the past, and this was no exception, but the shoot was very long, and fun, and the results were incredible, lost of dynamic pictures of Sebastian interacting with the landscape for real, not just for pose. I decided I was gonna do more numbers of the magazine using this same approach… nude models interacting for real with the landscape, like an excursion I would be documenting trough my pictures.

YESSR Magazine 2, 3 & 4 were shot in Buenos Aires, all of the boys in these 3 issues are close friends of mine. This city is also very busy and there’s much happening, but at the same time there are wonderful riverside landscapes, swamps and enormous parks… whenever I’ve gone to this city with an art show, I tried to shoot at least one person, in order to keep the magazine going.”

“About Volume 5: A couple of days ago, to recuperate from the change of plans of my former model, I went with a new model to a hill called Cerro San Cristobal, which is located in the middle of Central Santiago… it is a massive public park with pools, themed botanical parks and a giant virgin Mary on the top. Santiago is very smoggy and busy, but it is really awsome to have this giant green lung in the middle.

When I shoot someone outdoors (which I usually prefer), I try to make it seem as casual as possible, not too much posing… I orient this photo shoots as a registration of a real experience, of letting go of the material and reconnecting with nature. When I choose a model, I usually go for guys with a particular beauty, not too fit or stereotypical, I think labels like “bear” and “jock” get in the way of true individualities…”


Order and preview YESSR magazine here.

Interview with Felipe Bracelis on Eat This Out.

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