Kids on TV feat. Diamond Rings & Snax: “Bobby” (Video)


Toronto based Kids on TV have just recently announced a new album entitled “Pantheon”, which will be released on September 4 via Blocks Recording Club and feature collaborations with a whole bunch of other queer artists Katie Stelmanis of Austra, Shunda K of Yo Majesty, Julie Faught of The Pining, and Reg Vermue/Gentleman Reg. The first catchy single “Bobby”, for which the guys have worked with Diamond Rings and Snax, is a tribute to the closeted relationship between the artists Robert Rauschenberg and Jasper Johns, which lasted from the mid-fifties and ended tragically in the early sixties. The song is released with a cute video directed by KoTV founding member John Caffery (watch it in HD!) and can be purchased via ITunes.

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