Zackary Drucker: “She Gone Rogue” / Translady Fanzine

Artist Zackary Drucker is currently finishing an experimental short movie project in collaboration with film maker Rhys Ernst and has now brought it to Kickstarter got raise money for the remaining production and post-production expenses. “She Gone Rogue” will premiere at the first Los Angeles biennial at the Hammer Museum and was shot at locations in Berlin, New York City, Los Angeles, the Mojave Desert and Crystal Lake, Pennsylvania, featuring appearances by legendary queer performers such as Holly Woodlawn, Vaginal Davis (who will also both be part of the Camp/Anti-Camp event in Berlin later this month) and Flawless Sabrina. Here comes the very entertaining trailer to this very promising looking project. You can donate here.

For even more Drucker you should get yourself the first issue of Translady Fanzine, a collaboration with photographer, performer and and co-founder of Original Plumbing magazine Amos Mac, which was published in an edition of 1.000 copies last year and is still available on the zine’s website and in a couple of bookshops in Europe and the US.

You find more pictures from the zine under this article about it in the Huffington Post. The picture on top is from the series “Home is Where the Heart is; Home is Where You Hang Your Heart,” from 2011, (c) Luis de Jesus Gallery, L.A.

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