Sebastian Gherrë aka GAG-Ball: “I Love You Mommy And Forgive Me But I Have A Daddy Complex”

I recently posted several pictures by a young photographer from Chile called Sebastian Gherrë, who works under the pseudonym GAG-BALL and publishes his work (which mainly consists of pictures of young male and female hookers) on his website Gherrë’s site works as a virtual gallery with exhibitions, his latest one is entitled “I Love You Mommy and forgive me, but I Have A Daddy Complex” and according to the accompanying text “consists of over 100 pictures showing BDSM-slave practices, young taxi-boys that for a little ammount od money are willing to practice fisting and golden shower, prostitutes with addiction problems that are capable of enjoying double dildos and bondage for getting some easy money”. Here’s my favourite piece of the show namend “The Happy Twins Shake Until Their Mom Bleeds”, for more check out (NSFW).


  1. I love Sebastian Guerrë, he’s so talented and his work is nasty/beautiful art.

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