“Funeral Charade Of Poses”: basso Says Bye-bye

On Saturday evening a huge performance night at Berlin’s HAU I theater will mark the official end of the 7-year dynasty of Kreuzberg’s art institution basso. The event entitled “Funeral Charade of Poses – an evening with friends and basso” will take place in conjunction with the performance festival “Testing Stage – A Window to Performa New York” and bring together around 30 artists who have played an important role in the history of the space. The evening starts at 19:30, but can be joined throughout the whole evening, tickets can be bought via HAU Online. You find the complete announcement and a list of all contributing artists below the jump. Farewell, basso.



An old theatre. Built by Oskar Kaufmann more than 100 years ago, in an age of major changes, with the vision of banalising funereal architecture. The building, in Stresemannstrasse, looks like a gigantic tombstone, bearing its changing fortunes over time silently and with dignity. In the “Funeral Charade of Poses” everything is turned on its head. You have to search for the entrance. Once you have found it and have gone inside, it quickly becomes clear that that was just the first hurdle in a paper-chase through a haunted house. There are more than thirty artists at work here. Seemingly independent of one another, they await the visitors, who can move freely around this jeweled casket of a building – where something must have happened. Yet no-one wants to speculate, much less say, what it was. The mystery becomes a guide rope, the purpose of the journey. Guided and animated by a handful of high priestesses, you can glide through the building, seeking the very question whose answer is equally opaque – past figureheads and exercise course, past lobby bouquets and ghostly rituals, past eerie enchantment and tentative magic.

For four hours, we will transform HAU 1 into a special realm; we are a group of performers of the seven years history in the free space in Kreuzberg known as basso. Nowhere could be more appropriate for a farewell and a new beginning. On this September evening, the visitor to the “Funeral Charade of Poses” will not find out what the mystery is, but she will see a lot, hear a lot, touch, taste, smell and experience a lot… One hundred years after the theatre was built, the world has once more arrived at a moment of uncertainty, fear and flight. One hundred years ago, the building was opened with a performance of Hebbel’s “Maria Magdalena,” whose final line we have made our own: “I no longer understand this world!”

Contributing artists: Adi Khalif, Annika Eriksson, Annika Lundgren & Clara Lopez, assume vivid astro focus, Baltazar Castor, Beatrice and Lisa Jugert with Camilla Storgaard, Doireann D., Trine Lund, Anna Mields, Bernhard Wolf Koppmeyer, Chloe Griffin & Gwenaël Rattke, Christophe Chemin, Daniel Cremer, Daniel Wang, Denise Ferrante, Discoteca Flaming Star & Guests, Femme Façade, Francisco Berna, Heike Föll, Jean-Michel Wicker, Johannes Paul Raether, Jon Campbell, Karl Holmqvist, Lemercier, Linda Franke, Lynda Revol, Malin Arnell, Nösler, Pedro Castro, Philip Wiegard with Neda Sanai, Norbert Witzgall, Thomas Bratzke & Ryotetsu Masuda, Sabina Maria van den, Linden, Sebastian Lee Philipp, Sergio Roger, Susanne M. Winterling, Voin de Voin & Andrew Ferron Smith, Wolfgang Müller, Yorgos Sapountzis, Yusuf Etiman.

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