Watch It Online: “Cracked Actor” (BBC-Documentary About David Bowie, 1975)

“Cracked Actor” is an unpublished BBC documentary by Alan Yentob originally made for an arts program called Omnibus. Yentob portrais the post-Ziggy-Stardust-Bowie on his “Diamond Dogs Tour” in 1974 – a time when Bowie had just moved to the US and due to cracks in his relationship with his wife Angie, business problems and his increasing cocain addicton obviously was at a difficult point of his life. It’s an encounter with a very edgy and vunerable artist who aside from his glamourous stage performances appears to be pretty lost, haunted by his own creations and constantly questioning his success and his ambitions. Watch it as long as it is still online.

(Via Spreeblick)

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